12 best selfie light for iPhone – 2022 Review

12 best selfie light for iPhone – 2022 Review

Glamorous model takes a selfie in front of a ring light. - selfie lights iPhone
Your selfie can be more glamorous and professional with a selfie light.

Whether you’re a nature nut or a city mouse, a good selfie is essential. And you can even make your selfies even better with the right selfie lights for iPhone. 

Buying one for the first time? No worries. In this post, we wrote a guide to selfie ring lights. We also compiled the 12 best selfie lights for iPhone.

Selfie light basics

girl taking a selfie in front of a selfie light - selfie lights iPhone
Everything’s brighter and better with a selfie ring light.

What is a selfie light? 

Selfie lights are ring lights for smartphones’ front camera area. The attachable ones are the smallest in the ring light family. The other ring lights, which makeup artists in the fashion industry use, come in 9 inches and 12 inches. 

What does a selfie light do?

Did you know that ring lights were originally used for taking properly exposed photos of dentures? Today, their latest variation, the miniature selfie ring light, still serves the same purpose but for selfies. The purpose of their hollow center is to retain the most amount of light.  

How long do selfie ring lights last?

If you’re wondering about how long they can last before their battery runs out, it’s usually less than an hour. This is after continuous usage, without turning them off. Meanwhile, as for their shelf life, selfie ring lights typically last for a year or more. 

Why should you use selfie lights?

Cute woman in brown leather jacket takes a selfie in plain yellow background. - selfie lights iPhone
There will be no harsh highlights or deep shadows with a selfie ring light.

Well, why not? A selfie light can be an investment. Besides improving selfies, an awesome ring light can also boost your features in your vlogs, IG stories, and FaceTime conversations. You might not know when your Significant Other (SO) or your client suddenly calls, so a ring light-ready iPhone will really come in handy.

Here are other benefits of using a selfie ring light: 

  1. It makes the harsh shadows on your face disappear. 
  2. If you have wrinkles or fine lines, a selfie ring light will help in not making them too obvious. 
  3. It provides soft lighting, which will smoothly transition the shadows to the highlights in your face. 
  4. It will reflect an attractive catch light on your eyes. 
  5. If you’re into macro photography or if you want to take pictures of products, you can use it as a fill lighting.

12 best selfie light for iPhone

#1: White FLII Lights Mini Ring Light – selfie light for iPhone

selfie light for iPhone
Neewer Ring Light Kit:18"/48cm Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light, Light Stand, Carrying Bag...
  • Please note: 1. The light stand is packed in a separate box inside the big package box (under the...
  • Kit includes: (1)18"/48cm Outer 55W 5500K LED Ring Light+(1)61"/155cm Light Stand+(1)Soft...


The White FLII Lights Mini Ring Light is one of those chic, no-nonsense selfie lights for iPhone. 

It’s not completely hollow since the top area is a light grey half-moon shaped material, which rests on the top of your iPhone. Its hands-free shutter button can detect from up to 30ft or 10m distance. The on/off switch is at the top of the light. 

Coco of the Pretty Casual channel on YouTube particularly likes the compact distance of the LED lights from each other inside the ring. So, what you would get is a spotless ring of light. 

This product, which costs $11.95, is the cheapest in the seller’s list. Other ring lights cost $13 and up. Meanwhile, the seller, FLII, also has three other ring light products in their line that come in black, pink, and white. They also sell folding travel mirrors and electric makeup brushes. 

selfie light for iPhone
Coco of Pretty Casual review for White FLII Mini Ring Light


  • Excellent crisp and bright white light quality. 
  • It gives you three brightness modes (low, medium, and high), which you can control with a remote.
  • You don’t need batteries for it—it’s rechargeable.
  • There’s also a remote shutter button. 
  • If you buy several of it, you can clip it on any ordinary mirror and instantly make your own vanity mirror.  


  • Doesn’t give you much of dimming control.

You should buy if it… 

…You’re short on budget—compared to other selfie lights for iPhone on this list, it’s very affordable. Also, it’s a worthwhile buy if you travel a lot. For one, the clip-on mechanism is not so difficult to use and it’s compact and lightweight.

#2: QIAYA Selfie Light for iPhone – selfie light for iPhone

selfie light for iPhone
Selfie Ring Light Rechargeable Phone Ring Light Clip-on Selfie Light Portable Video Conference...
  • 【Make Your Selfie Flawless】 The Circle designed LED ring light helps make every photo you take...
  • 【3 Level Adjustable Brightness】The video conference light has 3 levels of brightness adjustment...


If you want the professional look of a vanity mirror but the convenience of selfie lights for iPhone, then the QIAYA Selfie Ring Light is for you. 

Interestingly, the QIAYA Selfie Ring Light is also literally shaped like a ring—its top part (0.88”) is thicker than its lower part (0.55”). It also comes with a micro-USB cord and built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries.

As for its heaviness, it’s also a pretty lightweight device at 1.76 ounces. The individual LED lights inside the ring are also visible.  It costs $12.99 on Amazon, but the pricing might vary, depending on the shipping fee to your area.

He-Bro review of the Qiaya Selfie ring light last February 2019 - selfie lights iPhone
He-Bro’s review of the Qiaya Selfie ring light last February 2019


  • It offers three brightness options, which you can use for selfies, videos, and even for a stage spotlight effect, where your background is dimmed except for you. 
  • It’s rechargeable by your power bank, laptop, or wall adapter. 
  • You can clip it on the side of your iPhone.
  • It helps constricts your pupils and eliminates the red eye.
  • The seller also presents the product in minimalist, elegant packaging. The box is white with a golden ring logo at the front. 


  • It doesn’t have a dimming control and a remote shutter button. 
  • Getting the right distance for that “sweet spot” of lighting might be tricky. 

You should buy if it…

…You work mostly during the night or if you take selfies in low-light environments such as at the club or at evening galas. And if you’re planning to give someone an anniversary or birthday gift, you won’t need wrapping paper because of its chic packaging. 

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#3: SKL Selfie Light for iPhone – selfie light for iPhone

selfie light for iPhone
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  • ☆ 【3 lighting modes dimmable ring light】 2020 Upgraded New Version, Slightly press the dimmer...
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The SKL Selfie Light is one of the cheaper selfie lights for iPhone on this list at $7.99. However, that doesn’t imply poor quality. 

It comes in an unassuming Natural White color and also casts a white light. The seller also upgraded the brightness options to 5 levels from its previous 3 levels.

The SKL also features Stepless Dimming control, which you can operate by long-pressing the touch control area at the back with your forefinger.

As for recharging its power, it has its own USB charging cord and a rechargeable 300mAH lithium battery. The power button is at the back of the frontal side, on the right side.

 SKL Selfie Ring Light review by Glenn Reviews
SKL Selfie Ring Light review by Glenn Reviews


  • The upgraded version comes with 5 brightness levels, which is a lot of variety for your different lighting needs.
  • You can use the flashing mode if you need an emergency light in dark areas. 
  • The one-touch dimming control at the back is convenient for tricky selfie situations.
  • The LED lights are energy-saving.
  • There is rubber protection at the rear parts, so it won’t scratch your iPhone or its case.
  • You might like the free chic golden pouch. 


  • The design at the back looks bulky. 

You should buy it if… 

You have a particular standard of selfie lights for iPhone and you like customizing the brightness on your photo. The one-touch dimming control at the back makes it simpler to adjust the lighting that best complements your assets. 

#4: Kwithan 6-Inch LED Selfie Light for iPhone – selfie light for iPhone


The Kwithan one’s a bit different from the first three but doesn’t diminish its quality.

It’s not a clip-on device but a 360-degree rotating ring light with a swivel screw holder and tripod head, which you can rotate to 180 degrees. 

The Kwithan ring light comes in three sizes—6, 8, and 10 inches. The 6-inch one starts at $15.99. It also gives you three brightness levels. As for recharging, you can use its 6.3 ft USB cord with power and dimming control buttons. 


  • The lighting has a professional quality to it. 
  • It has unique soft light levels—the White, which is crisp and plain white; the White + Yellow, which is flattering for your skin tone; and the Warm Yellow, which makes your portrait multi-dimensional. 
  • The ring is dimmable.
  • Its lighting is very ideal for daytime selfies
  • The ring has automatic heat dissipation, which means it won’t get excessively hot even with continuous usage.
  • The LED SMD Design won’t consume that much power. 


  • It may be compatible with an iPhone, but it works best if you have a tripod, too. So if you don’t have one, then you might want to pass this ring light.
  • It’s pretty heavy with its weight, which is 9.9 ounces.

You should buy this if…

…You’re not just an avid selfie addict but also a professional content producer. If you own a tripod with an iPhone adapter, then this is definitely for you! The lighting quality alone will give any subject professional lighting. And the three dimmable soft light levels will allow you to portray different moods in your selfies. 

#5: UBeesize Selfie Light for iPhone – selfie light for iPhone

selfie light for iPhone
10" Selfie Ring Light with 50" Extendable Tripod Stand & Flexible Phone Holder for Live...
  • 【Dimmable Ring Light】UBeesize 10" Ring Light features 3 light colors (Warm, Cool White,...
  • 【Adjustable & Stable Tripod】Extending from 16" to 50", and tripod legs unfold up to 30" wide,...


You can’t go wrong with this selfie light if you’re all about multi-tasking and accessories.

This UBeesize selfie ring light package also provides you with a tripod stand, two smartphone holders (tripod-mount and pole-mount), and a remote shutter button. 

The tripod can stretch from 17 inches up to 51 inches, while its 3.6-inch wide smartphone holder can rotate to 36o degrees. 

Meanwhile, the dimmable ring features three lighting modes—warm light, cool light, and daylight. You can recharge it with its USB cord, which has power and dimming buttons as well.  


  • It’s jampacked with delectable accessories—the tripod stand with quick flick locks, the universal phone holder, and the remote shutter button. 
  • The three lighting modes each have its 10 brightness levels. 
  • The Bluetooth remote has two shutter buttons—one for iOS and one for Android.
  • The beaming angle is 120 degrees, which spreads evenly on the subject. 
  • The tripod base is also quite stable and bulky, so it won’t topple even if your iPhone is heavy. 


  • It takes a little longer to set everything up before you can take a selfie. 

You should buy it if…

You want something way more advanced than a good selfie lighting. Of course, it’s more than enough for a selfie, but if your line of work requires traveling or moving around different areas/angles, then this is worth the price. Having this on your bag will not only give you good, professional lighting but also reliable assistance for stationary shots.

#6: Aeegulle 10” Selfie Light for iPhone – selfie light for iPhone

selfie light for iPhone

No products found.


Like the previous selfie light, the Aeegulle Ring Light is packed with delectable extras.

This 10.2-inch dimmable ring light has 120 LED lights inside it. It has three lighting modes: White, Yellow, and Warm Yellow. They each have 10 brightness levels as well. To reduce or increase them, you can press the “+” and “-” buttons on the USB cable. There’s also a button for switching to any light mode. 

For snapping your selfies, you can rely on its goose arm and Bluetooth remote shutter button. You can mount this ring light on its tripod stand, while you can secure your iPhone with its universal phone holder. You can have all those for $19.99.


  • The tripod head and smartphone holder are flexible. You can rotate them to 360 degrees. 
  • It comes with a mini foldable tripod. 
  • You can take selfies up to 10 meters from the camera using the Bluetooth remote shutter button. 
  • The backing clip has rubber parts, so it won’t graze your iPhone or its case over time. 
  • It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. 
  • The tripod stand has an anti-slip rubber footing. 


  • It won’t suit you if your lifestyle is rugged or if you like portraits where you stand. Its small height even on a tripod stand is perfect for selfies where you’re sitting.

You should buy it if…

This is one of those selfie lights for iPhone that help you in multitasking. If you’re working as a content producer and studying at the same time, you can use this ring light for activities for both. Since it only has a small tripod stand, it’s best used for activities where you’re sitting on a chair or doing something on a table.

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#7: Guava LED Ring Selfie Light – selfie light for iPhone

selfie light for iPhone
Selfie Ring Light Rechargeable-Phone Ring Light Clip On for iPhone Tablet Computer Camera...
  • Pro selfies or videos – Take incredible selfies & ensure you are well lit even in darker...
  • USB rechargeable design – Eliminates the need to frequently buy & replace the disposable batteries...


The Guava selfie light, like its name, is a sweet but uncomplicated device you can clip on your phone or laptop. 

You can choose from its three light modes—low, medium, and light. The latter is a mix of warm and cool lighting.

Its Lithium Polymer battery is also rechargeable, which means you won’t need to replace its batteries every time it dies out. 

As you can see, it has a similar color and design with the FLII ring light, but this one has its logo on the half-moon-shaped grey material. It weighs 2.4 ounces. 


  • Impressive brightness quality. You can use it as a flashlight.  
  • It’s compact and easy to carry, which is perfect if you like going out with friends at night. 
  • Very ideal for low-light situations. You can use it to avoid grainy selfies. 
  • Not only viable for selfies but for food photography as well.


  • If you want an advanced ring light, this is not for you. It’s pretty basic. 

You should buy it if…

You’re short on budget but want reliable and simple selfie lights for iPhone. It’s reliable for selfies and macro photography, so you can’t say it’s not worth it. 

#8: Meifigno Selfie Phone Camera Ring Light – selfie light for iPhone

selfie light for iPhone
Meifigno Selfie Ring Light, [Rechargeable] with 36 LED Lights, 3-Level Adjustable Brightness Clips...
  • 🍓【Make Your Life Easier】Our selfie light is suitable for almost all phones on the market. It...
  • 🍋【Rechargeable with Micro USB Cable】This phone camera selfie ring light includes a built-in...


Meifigno’s Selfie Ring Light doesn’t stray away from others’ design features but it has an Amazon’s Choice label on Amazon. Now, that must say something, right? 

This product comes in four colors, which are black, white, pink, and green. It has three-level brightness options—low, medium, and high—which you can adjust with its dimmer. You can also use its full-flash mode as a flashlight. 

After its 50-minute continuous usage, you can recharge the battery with its USB cord. The light besides its USB port will turn red when you need to recharge the battery and green when it fully recharges. 

Apparently, this product is being sold in counterfeits, so you have to check if it has a “Sold by Meifigno” line before you buy it. 


  • Available in different color choices, unlike other selfie ring lights.
  • Flexible controling of brightness—it has a dimmer button. 
  • Lightweight and compact—it weighs only 0.64 ounces.
  • Comes with a gift box. 
  • Ensured quality by Amazon. Products that have an “Amazon’s Choice” label on their product page means they’re highly rated by satisfied buyers.


  • No other advanced features.

You should buy it if…

If you prefer quality in selfie lights for iPhone over theatrics. Its design and features are pretty identical with other selfie ring lights on this list. Now, sure, it’s very simple; but if you’re after functionality, this selfie ring light is for you. Plus, it has an Amazon’s Choice label as a good starting point if you want to assess its quality. 

#9: GLOUE Selfie Light Ring – selfie light for iPhone

No products found.


GLOUE’s selfie ring light is definitely an eye-catcher. 

It has a black framing at the back and a mirror at the front. This is rare for selfie ring lights as most of them are white and doesn’t come with a mirror. There’s also an extra silicone clip at the back, which can serve as a mini stand for it. 

Like the others on this list, you can choose from any of its three brightness settings. You can control them by using the button. At 1.92 ounces, it already has 32 LED lights. You can also recharge it using its free USB cord. 


  • Elegant and chic design, compared to the other selfie lights on this list. 
  • It’s perfect if you like doing makeup since you can turn it into a mini makeup mirror. You just have to remove the clip, reverse the ring light, and insert the two ends of the silicone clip to the two holes at the back of the ring light. 
  • Universal phone holder.
  • Compatible with other smartphones.
  • The cheapest price on this list. 


  • Short life battery, apparently.

You should buy it if…

You don’t really take a lot of selfies, but when you do, you’d appreciate a “small but terrible” selfie ring light. That’s because the light is small in size but the brightness has a great intensity but it consumes energy quickly. If the latter is not a problem with you, then you can try ordering this ring light. 

#10: Boiros Selfie Ring Light – selfie light for iPhone

selfie light for iPhone
Selfie Ring Light - Mini Led Camera Ringlight for YouTube Video/Photography, for Live Stream/Makeup...
  • 【USB Powered + Rechargeable Battery】: The clip on phone camera selfie ring light built-in...
  • 【3-Level Dimmable Ring Light】: With 36 led bulb and 3 level dimmable lightning. Slightly press...


This delight of a selfie ring light not only comes in one but two pieces. 

For $14.99, you can buy two ring lights for this brand. Each of them has three dimmable brightness levels, which you can adjust by using the dimmer button. This 36-LED light product can also be used for flashlight/torch mode.

You can recharge the Lithium Polymer battery using any of the free 4 USB cords that come with the package. 


  • Highly rated for its quality, long-lasting light (up to 3 hours of usage).
  • It has silicone pads on the clips for that extra protection. 
  • Good value for two products—it’s a perfect gift for a shutterbug couple. 
  • It has a soft light quality that doesn’t hurt the eyes.
  • Comes with two individual gift boxes. 


  • For a much lower price, other selfie ring lights can do pretty much what it does. 

You should buy it if…

You’re giving it as a gift. The price is for two but when it comes to the features, it doesn’t stray too far from the others on this list. It may have good quality but you can save more and get the same benefits if you invest in one ring light.  

#11:  LST Selfie Ring Lighting – selfie light for iPhone

selfie light for iPhone
LST Selfie Ring Lighting Rechargeable 38 LED Dimmable Clip Light Portable Laptop Camera Photography...
  • Rechargeable selfie light: Built-in rechargeable battery with USB cable offer 30% more lightness!...
  • Adjustable brightness: Include 3 Brightness Levels (low, normal, high white brightness) which are...


This selfie ring by LST has a certified Amazon’s Choice label. At $11.98, you can have a selfie ring light with three brightness levels but also a dimming option. 

To adjust the brightness to your preferred level, you can long-press the button until it reaches your desired intensity. 

Additionally, you can also use it as a torch for emergencies, which has a fast mode and slow mode. It works well with any device—laptop, smartphone, iPad, etc. It’s powered by one rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. 


  • Comes with an elegant gift box and cute drawstring bag
  • Has 2 more LED lights than the other ring lights—it has 38 LED lights. 
  • Flexible dimming control. You can choose your own brightness level. 
  • Very lightweight and compact. It only weighs 2.08 ounces. 


  • The power is not too long-lasting compared to the previous selfie ring lights. 
  • Simple and common design. 

You should buy it if…

If you’re after the quality of the brightness. This product got its high ratings mostly on its lighting’s intensity. If you also want a unique design and/or features, then this might not be the ring light for you. 

#12: GIM Selfie Ring Light – selfie light for iPhone

selfie light for iPhone
Touch Selfie Ring Light, GIM Ring Light 5-Level Brightness 36 Led Portable Make-up Light for Phone...
  • ▼Unique Touch Design and One-Hand Operation ▲ This GIM selfie light is all about making your...
  • ▼ 5-level Light Control & Flashing Mode▲This GIM selfie light is upgrade to 5 Adjustable Level...

Last but not least is this rechargeable ring light by GIM. 

For only $8.99, you can get this ring light with five-level brightness settings and one flashlight mode. It runs on a 300mAH Lithium battery, which is rechargeable by its USB cord. 

It has 36 LED lights but weighs 4 ounces, which is a bit heavier than the previous devices on this list. 

Meanwhile, its notable difference from other selfie lights is the clip-on part at the back is a bit smaller than the ring light. Other ring lights have almost proportional front and rear part sizes. 



  • Has a one-touch dimming control at the back.
  • Excellent quality of the ring’s brightness
  • It has a flash mode.
  • Slimmer build compared to other selfie lights. 
  • Comes with a drawstring bag. 
  • Compatible with a lot of devices. 


  • Pretty basic design and doesn’t have much of an appeal. 

You should buy it if…

You’re short on budget, but you want a very bright light source for a temporary need (like shooting a short film).


As an iPhone photography enthusiast, choosing the right selfie light can be your best investment. 

Besides a reliable lighting source for a selfie, you can use it as a fill light for your macro pictures and more. You just have to be creative! 

Which of the selfie ring lights did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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