21 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone, iPad and Android

21 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone, iPad and Android

Are you look for the best photo editing apps? We’ve listed the best photo enhancers for iPhones, iPads, and Androids for you!


Have you ever had a time when you’ve taken several shots, yet not one of your photos is good enough? We bet you have. Despite the ever-changing technology, it’s funny how we don’t always get perfect photos even with mobile phones with excellent camera optics and features. 

When we share photos with our friends and family, we want them to look as appealing as possible. That’s probably the reason why mobile apps that allow you to enhance your photos become very popular. 

The list of photo editors is endless, and picking the best ones proves to be challenging. That’s why we’ve created this list and picked the 20 of the best photo editing apps for mobile devices. 

We will talk about their outstanding features, as well as the unique functionalities that make them the best among the rest. 

Cut Paste Photos Pro


Practicality is an underrated quality in photo editing apps. Functionality stems from practicality, which is why we love Cut Paste Photos Pro. It’s one of the apps on this list with best functionality because of its no-nonsense features. With Cut Paste, you can resize any photo into any shape such as a circle, triangle, star, etc. You can also use your hand to trace a subject in your image and cut it. No Photoshop needed. 

Download Cut Paste on iOS. If you have an Android phone, we suggest using zShot, which is another app designed by Mafooly Apps.

Get it on Google Play



Available on: 

  • iOS
  • Android

The zShot app is not your ordinary photo editor. It does more than just enhance your images; you can create or edit videos, beautiful collages, engaging slideshows, and scan important documents. This app is developed by a team that’s no stranger to creating superior mobile applications. 

What makes zShot one of the best photo editing apps is its interface that’s designed to make photo editing simple and easy. This photo enhancer makes its editing tools accessible to everyone — from amateurs to professionals. 

The drag-and-drop interface is super easy to use. It’s packed with Instagram-like filters and fun effects, ready to level up your photos. 

Much like other photo editing apps, zShot lets you add texts and stickers. You can also play around with the splash and blur feature. You can always spill your creativity using the zShot app. 

Key features

  • Filters and effects

In this time and age, it’s fair to say that almost everyone enjoys adding a layer of filter or effect on their photos. Filters not only transform photos with bolder effects, but they also make the subject of the photo pop!

Filters can also enhance the exposure and stylize your photo — even if you do not have knowledge of photo processing. They boost contrasts, impose warm color temperature, and adjust the saturation of your images. 

The zShot app is packed with a generous number of filters and effects so you can take your photos to the next level in just a tap. 

  • Add text and stickers

If you want to add a caption, message, or dialogue in your photos, then zShot is more willing to let you do that! You can also glue fun stickers onto your photo. Some of the zShot users were able to create event invitations using these features. You can, too!

  • Adjust color, tone, and curve

The zShot app can do more than just basic editing (rotate, flip, or crop). It is equipped with powerful tools that allow you to fix the color, tone, brightness, contrast, and saturation of your photos. And the best part is that you can do all these with just a few swipes of your finger. 

  • Save and share

After editing and applying all enhancements in your photo, you can save your work as JPG or PNG, or share it with your friends via social media platforms embedded in the app. Yes, with the zShot app, you can publish your wonderful photos directly from the app. 

  • Absolutely free

Other apps cost a penny for you to enjoy all of its features. But zShot is not like other apps. This photo editing app is totally free of charge without any annoying ads so that you’ll have a seamless editing experience like never before!

Download the zShot Photo Editor App here!


Camera+ 2


Available on:

  • iOS

Elevate your photos using Camera+ 2, one of the best photo editing apps jampacked with sophisticated photo editing tools. LateNiteSoft S.L. developed this photo enhancer, and it promises perfection to all your photos. 

Assessing the features of Camera+ 2, it is clear that the developers of the app are a team of photo lovers who aim to incorporate all the advances in photo technology that are available year after year. 

We recommend this app to professionals who want to take total control over their photos. 

Key features

  • Powerful editing features

The RAW editor in this app is loaded with tools such as White Balance picker and Curves. The Lab has photographic tools that you can use to fine-tune the exposure, correct the shadows, or sharpen the details in your photos. It also comes with dozens of built-in filters. 

  • No IAPs

This amazing photo editing app works on an iPad and iPhone. You can use the same tools across your iOS devices, and take advantage of multitasking on the iPad. All your purchases are included in all platforms. 

  • Shooting assist tools

Use the Stabilizer tool to ensure your phone is steady to produce high-quality and sharp photos, or the Smile mode to take photos of people when they are smiling. You may also use Timer or Burst features when you need them. 

  • Depth editing

Highlight your subject using The Lab. Using the tools in the lab, you can make adjustments based on depth. You can also desaturate the background, power up the shadows, or tint the foreground. 

  • Hands-free control

Use Siri or your Apple Watch to perform your favorite actions without having to tap anything or unlock your phone. You can shoot a selfie without the struggle of reaching the shutter, take slow shutter, or fire group photos. You can use Siri to trigger the app or your Apple Watch as a remote trigger. 

  • Action mode

Taking photos of a moving subject has never been this easy with Camera+ 2 Action Mode. It takes a tap to select your moving subject, and Camera+ 2 will follow its movement. This feature automatically enables burst mode to take several shots and capture just the right moment.



FREE for Android (offers in-app purchases; contains ads)

Available on:

  • Android
  • iOS

Not so long ago, only graphic designers and professional photographers can aesthetically edit photos to perfection, but now so can you! Developed by Lightricks Ltd., the Facetune app is one of the best photo editing apps for editing photos — from selfies to portraits. 

Facetune provides easy-to-use, powerful tools to perfect your photos or selfies as if they came straight out of fashion and beauty magazines. This amazing app gives you the ability to add artistic flair to your portraits and retouch your selfies — all of these with ease. 

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And no, you don’t need to be a pro to use this app. All of its features are simple and straightforward. You can change your hair, apply makeup, reshape your face, add a layer of a unique filter, or even make your eyes look more dazzling. 

This app packs a lot of awesomeness, we’re starting to believe that everyone should have this app on their phones. 

Key features

  • Achieve perfect smile

Ever noticed how one smile can brighten someone’s mood? Yes. Smiling can help reduce stress, and its effect applies not only to you but to others as well. With Facetune, you can show your smile and make it even more beautiful and brighter!

This app allows you to refine or widen your smile. You can even whiten and brighten your teeth!

  • Eyes like stars

Emphasizing your eyes to achieve a penetrating gaze is super easy with Facetune! This app has tools that let you change your eye color, as well as remove red and white-eye effects. 

  • Reshape facial structure

You can reshape the structure of your face with Facetune. So, if you want your face to look slimmer or your jawline bolder, then this app is totally for you. 

Plus, you can reshape your nose, enlarge or shrink a specific area of the image, and heighten your cheekbones and brows. Or to make your portrait peculiarly stunning, you can transform your face into alien or other fun shapes! Not all apps offer these amazing features. 

  • Hair salon

Wanna dye your hair black to cover the grey hair? Facetune enables you to do just that, from the convenience of your iPhone. This app also lets you remove stray hairs and fill bad patches.

  • Beautiful, flawless skin

If you want to get rid of your zits and pimples in an instant, then let Facetune do the work for you. Take a selfie and use this app to remove temporary flaws like pimples and blemishes. Using this app, you can also smoothen your skin and brighten the dark circles under your eyes — so you’ll look fresh and gorgeous!



FREE (with in-app purchases; contains ads)

Available on:

  • Android
  • iOS

Look good and feel good using Camera360. There is no reason to underestimate this selfie photo editing app. Camera360 packs a load of photography techniques, so you can always create stunning photos just the way you like them. 

 When it comes to filters, Camera360 is king. This app contains a stockpile of Instagram-like photos that are guaranteed to give your images dramatic and artistic effects. 

From magic sky to cartoon effect, you can make your photos look as if they were from another dimension! Not just that, this photo editing app allows you to perform professional image processing, such as correcting lines and balance, fine-tuning saturation, exposure, contrast, temperature, hue, and shades, as well as applying filters.

Key features

  • Customize your skin and body

Say hello to smooth and flawless skin using the Camera360 app. Yes, it takes one press of a button to become beautiful — forget about complicated procedures and sophisticated adjustments. This app can also fix facial features and make your body slimmer. 

  • Unique and beautiful filters and effect

Do you want your selfie to look like a painting? Use the Great Artist filter. Or maybe you want to change the sky as you like. You can achieve a mesmerizing dreamlike sky in just a click. You may also try the Cartoon sky, along with other filters waiting for you. 

If you want to layer a movie filter onto your photo, the Movie Filter is just a tap away. Use old-time movie series filters, Flex film, or movie color.

  • Makeup and stickers

All sorts of cute, lovely, and fun stickers and GIFs are in this photo editing. No wonder Camera360 is one of the best photo editing apps. The developers of this app also designed Camera360 to have smart recognition of facial expressions, so you can customize your stickers according to your emotion. 

There is also a set of makeup, with unique styles and colors, so you can retouch your face in an instant. Let’s not forget the app has more than 300 filters. That means you’ll never fall short of options to stylize your photos. 



FREE and PAID (Offers in-app purchases; contains ads)

Available on:

  • Android 
  • iOS

Yet another one of the best photo editing apps is the world-renowned PicsArt. Millions of artists and photographers use this app, and it’s time that you use it, too. Developed by PicsArt, Inc., this photo enhancer is stuffed with dozens of impressive photo editing tools, such as image editor, collage maker, photo effects, filters, face editor, and face swap. 

And the list of its amazing features does not end there. It comes with a lot of modification settings that let you beautify your portrait and add artistic effects, so you can unleash your creativity to the maximum level. 

PicsArt has a community of over a million photo lovers, which involves amateurs and professional photographers and graphic designers. You can follow other artists to see their work and get inspiration. 

Key features

  • Free-to-edit images

Did you know that PicsArt is the first to allow its users to remix images on mobile? Now you know! Look for photos with the #freetoedit hashtag, then select a photo you want to edit. You can add a personal touch any way you want, then share it back to the PicsArt community! This is your chance to show everyone the creativity inside you. 

  • Magic effects

Give your photos a complete makeover in just one click. The Magic Effects in PicsArt has truly revolutionized the way we edit. With PicsArt, you do not need to spend time and learn heavy computer editing software like Photoshop. In an instant, you can add amazing effects to your photos. 

  • Impressive photo editing

PicsArt has a robust photo editor, which is why it is one of the best photo editing apps in the market. It is stuffed with a range of amazing tools for cloning, stretching, and cropping. It also has a comprehensive library of photo filters, backgrounds, borders, and frames. 

  • Add text

Adding a layer of text over your photo is as easy as ABC using PicsArt. This photo enhancer is equipped with over a hundred fonts, so you’ll never fall short of options. 

Font Candy

FREE (Offers in-app purchases)

Available on: 

  • iOS

If you like creating stunning text-on-image designs, then you’ll like Font Candy. This photo editor packs a lot of greatness when it comes to usability and versatility. Many graphic designers and photographers love Font Canty because it has an excellent library of font styles and editing features.

The app comes in two versions: free and pro. The free version allows users to adjust more precise aspects of the overlaid text, such as character spacing, line spacing, and shadow. 

On the other hand, the pro version lets users add pre-designed artwork to their photos and templates. It also allows users to change settings for image filters and art color. 

The free version is limited only to the text overlay feature. If you want to use the heavier photo-editing tools of this app, then purchasing the pro version is the way to go.

Key features

  • Text overlay

Say anything you want — the sky’s the limit! You can add dialogue, caption, a sweet message, or even the list of ingredients you used to cook that yummy spaghetti. The text overlay feature is the main reason why thousands of users are interested in Font Candy. 

Adding text is super easy. Type in your message, tap and drag it around your image, resize it, then choose from a wide range of fonts. 

  • Crop your photo

Font Candy offers more than just a simple cutting tool. With this app, you can crop your image for your desired platform, with options including Instagram, a Twitter post, an iPhone wallpaper, or a Facebook cover.

  • Built-in print shop

Another reason to love Font Candy is that it has a built-in print shop, which means you can create t-shirts or cases from your design! Isn’t it fun that you can create a funny meme and have it printed on a t-shirt. 

  • Use a photo from your device or a stock image

With Font Candy, you can pull a photo from your library or use a stock photo from Pixabay. That means you can always grab high-quality photos if you happen to have bad, blurry photos in your device. 

  • Save and publish

If you are done creating your design, you can immediately share your creation to a variety of social networks straight in the app. That’s right. Sharing your masterpiece is just a click away. 



Available on:

  • Android
  • iOS

Who doesn’t know about Instagram these days? Instagram is a popular social networking platform owned by Facebook, and its focus is on photo and video sharing. 

Creating an Instagram account is super easy. If you already have a Facebook account, you can sign in to Instagram with it. When you are on Instagram, you can follow your friends, family, and even celebrities or TV shows, so you’ll get to see the photos and videos they share. 

Instagram is a social media platform, which allows you to connect with others. You can message people or watch full-length videos on IGTV (which now downloadable as a standalone app). 

If you like a photo or video shared by the people you follow, you can give it a heart by double-tapping the image or video, or simply tapping the heart icon. You can even comment on the photo in the comments section. 

What many people like about Instagram is Instagram Story. Stories are something that lets you share moments of your day (which could be in a photo or video format), and they appear together in a slideshow format. 

The photos or videos you share on Stories will only be displayed to your friends for 24 hours. After that, they will automatically be stored in your Archives. 

The Story feature lets you grab photos or videos from your library, or take them directly in the app. There are tons of filters and effects you can use. You can add text, stickers, date, stamp, or even GIF over your photo. 

Key features

  • Edit photos or videos

Take a snap in the app or grab the photos you already have in your library. Once you have selected an image, you will be directed to Instagram’s photo editor, where you can make adjustments and corrections. You can crop, rotate, flip, or change the perspective of your photo. 

Also, the Instagram photo editor allows you to correct the tone, shadow, sharpness, contrast, and saturation of your photo. You may even add a blur effect or vignette. Then, you may apply filters as you wish. 

Once you are done editing your photo, you can add a caption that goes with it, use hashtags, and share it with your friends. The photos you share on your feed will always be displayed on your profile.

  • Share Stories

You may have moments in your life that you want your friends to know about but do not want to be displayed in your profile. If that’s the case, you can always use Instagram Stories. 

Instagram Story comes with its own editor. You can take a photo directly in Story or pull one from your gallery. Personalize your photo by adding stickers, text, doodle, or GIFs. 

  • Instagram Layout

Instagram Layout lets you create beautiful collages. You can access it in Instagram Story or download it as a standalone app. 


Google Photos


Available on:

  • Android
  • iOS

All Google accounts have access to Google Photos. If you’re using a computer, you may access Google Photos using your browser. For mobile devices, the app is available in PlayStore and App Store.

Google Photos works as a photo sharing and storage platform. It gives its users free and unlimited storage for videos up to 1080p resolution and photos up to 16 megapixels. 

The photos and videos you upload on Google Photos are accessible to your other devices with your Google account. It’s safe, secure, and highly organized. 

All the items you put in Google photos are searchable by the places or things in them. For example, if you want to look for photos of your pup, you may simply type in “dog” in the search bar. 

Make sure to download the Google Photos app on your mobile device. If you turn on the backup and sync settings, all of your edits will sync to your Google Photos library. 

Key features

  • Powerful editing tools

Google Photos comes with a set of powerful tools that let you adjust, crop, or rotate a photo. Open the app and tap the photo you wish to enhance, then tap Edit. 

Select Photo Filters to add a layer of filter to your photo. The app is loaded with a bunch of beautiful filters to choose from. You can layer one filter to another if needed. 

After applying a filter onto your photo, you can manually change its color and lighting. You can even add effects. Cropping and rotating your photo is also super easy. 

  • Write or doodle on photos

Let your photos speak by writing or drawing on it—tap Edit, then Markup. Use the pen to draw or highlighter to add highlights. Adding a text on top of your photo is also a click away. Tap Text, type in your message, then move the text box around by touching and dragging the textbox. 

  • Change date and time stamps

Google Photos also allows its users to change the photo date and time stamps. To perform this task, open Google Photos via your web browser, select the image you want, then click the three dots on the upper right corner of the screen. Select Edit date and time

When you change the date and time of your image, the edited date and time will appear in Google Photos. If you share it to other apps, the photo will show the original date and time saved by your camera. 



FREE (with in-app purchases)

Available on:

  • iOS

Generic filters are… what’s the word…? Yes, boring. Litely app has stepped up the game by giving you powerful stick presets to bring your photos back to life. 

Indeed, Litely exceeds in many areas that many of its competitors cannot. It offers a rich library of subtle and warm tones that are easy on the eyes. It boasts a handful of useful editing features to help you fine-tune your photo even to the smallest detail. 

What’s more, Litely is simple to use — which is great for novices. The interface is incredibly sleek and easy to navigate. This app doesn’t require you to be a pro in photo processing. 

If you’re in a hurry, the app offers several unique filter themes that you can apply in just a snap. And the best part is that the app does not compromise the original quality. 

To give you a good start in your editing experience, the app offers its Starter Pack for free, which has 9 subtle tone presets. The other presets cost a dollar or more. 

Key features

  • Well-made presets

Instagram filters have become so generic that some people just opted to not use them. If you want unique yet warm filters to make your photo stand out, then Litely is one of the best photo editing apps there is. 

  • User-friendly interface

Life is already complicated as it is. The last thing we need is a very complicated app. Good news: Litely has a clean and easy-to-navigate interface. All the tools for editing can be found in the toolbar, which you can find at the bottom of the interface. 

Select the photo you want to edit, scroll down to select a filter, then simply drag the slider left or right to change the intensity of the filter. 

  • Heavy photo editing features

Correcting the color of your photo is as easy as applying a filter on it. It takes only a few swipes and taps to enhance your image. Fix the saturation, correct the color, sharpen your photo. Tweaking your photos with Litely only takes a matter of seconds!

Microsoft Selfie


Available on:

  • Android
  • iOS

Microsoft Selfie is not like other photo editors. It is one of the best photo editing apps because its design is backed by computer vision technology. This app can enhance your photo by considering the gender, age, skin tone, lighting, and other variables in just a click. 

Being among the list of best photo editing apps, Microsoft Selfie guarantees to transform average photos into enhanced, Insta-worthy portraits in seconds. Its design was made perfect and intuitive so that all users — from beginners to experts — can have instant, beautiful photos.

This app has a rich set of tools that solidly make photos better. As one user said, “it’s a serious digital portrait enhancement” tool, and it’s 100% for everybody!

Key features

  • Made by a reputable company

Microsoft Selfie is developed by… yes, as the name implies… Microsoft. And as a product made by a renowned company, we can only expect perfection and intelligent design from this photo enhancer app. The company has a team devoted to creating superior software, and that alone tells us that Microsoft Selfie is an app that no one should belittle. 

  • Available in 25 languages

This photo editor is designed for everyone. And that’s not just a simple statement. Microsoft made this app available in 25 languages: English, Danish, Dutch, Finish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian Bokmal, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (simplified), Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese (traditional), Turkish, and Vietnamese. 

  • Intelligent Portrait Enhancement

Microsoft Selfie does more than just add a layer of a generic filter onto your photo. Using its sophisticated algorithm, it intelligently enhances your portrait based on your gender, age, skin tone, and lighting. And the best part, the result always looks natural. 

  • Auto exposure

Fixing photo exposure can be tricky sometimes. One wrong tweak can ruin your photo. Microsoft Selfie makes exposure correction a breeze. This photo editor can automatically fix the exposure and clarify the photo, especially for backlit photos. 

  • Noise reduction

Most phones today can capture quality photos at night, but most often than not, pictures taken at night have a high amount of noise that makes the image look gritty rather than clear. Microsoft Selfie allows you to denoise to reduce the noise in your photo. 

Photo credits: forbes.com



Available on:

  • iOS

Retro photos are — and always will be — a pleasure to the eyes. Instagram offers a bunch of filters that give photos a vintage look. Yet, again, Instagram filters are widely used and have become somewhat generic.

Retromatic is one of the best photo editing apps that offer unique vintage filters. It remains among the easiest and most user-friendly photo editors. It allows you to add retro-style themes over your photo. Not just that, you can also add stickers and effects for added personality. 

Many users love Retromatic because not only does it give photos a 50s-inspired look, but it also allows users to cut out photos using the instant alpha tool. 

This photo enhancer was developed by Pita Vision. It’s simple to use and very user-friendly. 

Key features

  • Cut out your photo

This retro photo editor allows you to mask out a subject from a photo and merge it with any of its built-in background templates. This means you don’t have to worry if you’ve taken a good portrait with a bad background. You can always cut out your photo and select a beautiful backdrop that fits well with your photo. 

  • Rich library of filters and effects

Retromatic offers 18 amazing retro filters and 17 graphic themes. When you have this many options, you’re sure that you can always stylize your photos exactly the way you want them. 

  • Add text and stickers

Much like other best photo editing apps, Retromatic enables you to add text on your photo. Add quote, caption, or message to make motivational photos that inspire your friends, family, or followers. The app also has a variety of eclectic clip art. 

The awesomeness of Retromatic does not end there. This photo editor is loaded with over 70 modifiable retro stickers to give your photos a WOW factor. 

  • Supports high-resolution images

Other photo editors will automatically reduce the resolution of high-quality photos. Retromatic knows how much time and energy you invest in taking stunning, vivid photos, that’s why the app wants to keep the quality of your images. This app supports high-resolution images of up to 1280 x1280 quality. 

  • Supports popular social media platforms

Create Retromatic designs that you can easily share to your desired social media account. Retromatic supports Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Twitter. 


FREE (offers in-app purchases)

Available on:

  • iOS

Tigraphy is one of the leading and best photo editing apps, and there’s absolutely no question about that. With its powerful tools, Trigraphy is everyone’s secret weapon in turning ordinary pictures into extraordinary masterpieces. 

Modern artists love Trigraphy because it offers limitless customizations. It comes with a horde of artistic filters, fine-tuning settings, incredible presets, and high resolution exports. Plus, you can have your creations printed onto t-shirts, iPhone cases, postcards, art prints, and so much more. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Trigraphy will help you hone your skills to become a better digital artist. It provides a suite of powerful tools that you can use to create stunning images on your phone. 

Key features

  • Tweak endlessly

Tigraphy provides you with endless possibilities with brushes and masks. It comes with a pack of presets and fine-tuning. You may adjust your photo’s saturation and contrast using the built-in fine-tune presets to get the perfect result you always wanted. 

  • A huge community

Isn’t it nice when you’re able to see the work of other artists? Tigraphy has a growing community. By browsing the feed, you will see others’ creations and get inspiration from them. Get ideas and learn tips and tricks from other creators. 

  • Merge an infinite number of layers

There’s no stopping you in merging a stockpile of layers. As mentioned before, Tigraphy offers limitless possibilities. Tweak your photo all you want until you get that perfect photo worth sharing to others. 

  • Add textures and overlays to your photos

Editing shouldn’t be just about adding filters and texts. A good photo editor should allow you to add texture to your photos. Textures enhance the visual quality of the surface of your photo, and it is usually revealed through variances in color depth, tone, and shape. Sounds too difficult? Not with Trigraphy. Adding texture to your photo is just a click away. 

  • Print and deliver

Tigraphy brings your creations to life. Once you are done creating stunning designs, you can have them printed as art prints or on t-shirts or phone cases. You can do this directly from the app. So, if you’re thinking about a gift to give your spouse, best friends, or a family member, a personalized edited photo printed on a t-shirt or postcard is the way to go.

  • Super high quality export

This may surprise you, but did you know that Tigraphy supports high resolution export of up to 4096 x 4096 quality? Yes, that’s right. This app truly proves that it does not compromise the quality of your photographs. 




Available on:

  • Android
  • iOS

As an app developed by Google, we can expect complete and professional tools from Snapseed. This is one of the best photo editing apps in the market for several reasons. One, it’s super easy to use. Two, it’s complete with all the features you could ever ask for. Three, it has a friendly user interface, which makes photo editing simple. 

Snapseed boasts a bunch of useful features. It’s like Photoshop, except that you don’t have to boot up the computer and learn complicated techniques to get the perfect result. It’s right there… in your pocket, which means you can always enhance your photos whenever, wherever. 

You won’t fall short of reasons to love Snapseed. It has a suite of powerful editing tools and a bunch of unique fine-tuning settings that will make your photo more appealing in an instant. 

Key features

  • Tools and filters

Overall, Snapseed has 29 tools and features, including Structure, Perspective, HDR, Brush, Healing, and more. If you want to fix the lines and geometry of buildings or horizons, you can always use the Perspective tool to fix skewed lines and make them perfect. Or, if you want to retouch the saturation, warmth, brightness, or exposure, you can do so selectively using the Brush tool. 

  • RAW Develop

Snapseed is one of the few photo editing apps that allows you to open and edit native camera files. It’s non-destructive and secures the quality of your photos. You can save or export them as JPG without ever degrading the quality. 

  • Face enhance and pose

Snapseed is great for editing portraits and selfies. No wonder why it is among the best photo editing apps in the world. It lets you smoothen skin, as well as add focus to the eyes and add face-specific lighting. 

Moreover, you can correct the post of your portraits based on three-dimensional models. So, if you have ever tilted your face in the wrong direction, you can always fix that using Snapseed. 

  • Unique filters

Not only can Snapseed fix the basic elements of your photos but also add unique filters that will make your pictures more captivating. The Glamour Glow effect is perfect for fashion or portrait photography. Drama filter, on the other hand, adds a hint of doomsday to your pictures. 

If you want your photo to look more edgy, use the Grunge filter. And if you like to add a modern film look with realistic grain, use the Grainy Film. There’s a collection of beautiful filters that you can try out. 



FREE (offers in-app purchases)

Available on:

  • Android
  • iOS

VSCO is, no doubt, among the best photo editing apps. It has been around since 2011, and since then, it has never failed to impress the toughest graphic designers and photographers. This photo editor wants nothing more than to make your photos look fabulous and captivating. 

This is the perfect place where you can be you. Express your creativity and express your passions in life using its comprehensive library of editing tools and presets. 

Like PicsArt and Trigraphy, VSCO welcomes you to its community of artists and photographers. You can browse the work of other artists if you need a splash of inspiration. 

VSCO is also non-destructive. You can easily import and edit your RAW photos without ever damaging their quality. 

Key features

  • Advanced photo editing tools

As the best photo editing app, VSCO offers advanced photo editing tools. By joining the VSCO membership, you’ll get access to over 200+ presets. These presets will make your photo editing much quicker and easier. 

  • Free photo editor

To put you in a good start, VSCO provides 10 free VSCO presets, along with basic editing tools such as Saturation and Contrast to make your pictures pop. You may also use the Grain or Faded tools to mimic film effects or add texture. Play around with your photo to get your desired result. 

  • Creative community

If you’re out of ideas, you can always check out the work of other creators by browsing your feed. You may also follow other artists so you’ll get to see their creations. Invite your friends and connect with them on VSCO. The community always has challenges each week exclusive only to your VSCO membership.

  • Membership trial

VSCO offers a free 7-day trial, so you’ll have a taste of the premium membership. After the trial, you will be charged an annual fee. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want.

  • VSCO montages

Aside from editing photos, you can tell others your story by creating a moving collage by layers shapes, images, and videos. Now, you can show everyone your summer vacation, or that wedding you went to in a very fun and engaging way. Express your mood, illustrate your ideas, and experiment with photos. 

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  • Video editor

VSCO is not just a photo editor. It is also equipped with tools that allow you to create stunning videos using only your mobile. You can use VSCO presets and other advanced photo editing tools to transform your videos. Tweak the white balance and have a total color control with HSL. 



FREE (offers in-app purchases)

Available on:

  • iOS

Repix has been picked as Editor’s Choice, and because of its amazing creative tools, it would be a mistake not to include this app among the best photo editing apps. There’s so much to love about this photo editor. It has tons of features that can help you create wonderful masterpieces. 

We know you want your photos to look good before you share them with the world. If you need to enhance your pictures, then Repix has got you covered. 

Repix is simple to use — all the tools you need are easily accessible at your fingertips. Also, all the changes you make happen in real-time. Add stunning effects and apply staggering filters that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Without a single droplet of doubt, Repix gives your pictures the look you want in just a matter of seconds. 

Most people nowadays want a photo editor that they can use on the go. Repix’s usability and friendly interface make it an ideal photo editor for artists who need to enhance photos very quickly. 

Key features

  • All the tools you need at your fingertips

You don’t need to boot up your computer and scramble over Photoshop to enhance your photos. With Repix, you can enrich your pictures using simple brushes and photo effects. 

Repix is loaded with over 28 handcrafted effect brushes that you can use to edit any part of your photo with a finger. You can add a unique touch to your picture using the Color, Effect, Decoration, and Artistic brushes. 

  • Filters like no other

Tired of generic filters? Repix offers 16 carefully designed filters to give your photos outstanding results. And not just that, it also comes with over 11 beautiful frames to give a final touch to your pictures. 

  • Powerful cropping tool

Repix does more than just crop your photo. This photo editor provides a super smooth cropping tool with not just one, not two, and not three… but six presets!

  • Direct share 

Once you are done editing your masterpiece, you can share your work with your friends in just a tap. With Repix, you don’t have to exit the app, open your social media account, and upload the photo (yikes, that’s tiring!). You can share your photos to your social media accounts directly in the app. 

  • Intuitive interface for everyone

No matter if you’re a novice or a pro, Repix is designed with an intuitive and easy to navigate interface to inspire different levels of creativity. 


FREE (offers in-app purchases)

Available on:

  • Android
  • iOS

In 2016, Prisma was regarded as the App of the Year in 2016. Until this day, Prisma is still kicking and proves to be one of the best photo editing apps. 

Prisma is not just a simple photo editor. It can transform your photos into jaw-dropping paintings. With just a tap, you can make your photo as if it was painted by Picasso for you. 

This photo editor app can recreate your photos spectacularly. Simply take a photo, open it with Prisma, and choose from over 300 filters and effects. 

Because the editing is too complex for a mobile device, Prisma maintains its own servers and does the editing for you. When you select an image from your library, it goes directly to Prisma’s servers. Internet transport takes around 20 to 40 seconds, depending on your internet connection. 

The modified image will be returned to you just the way you want it to look. Prisma is a really good iOS and Android app. Many people love it because all its artistic effects do not fail to get attention. It’s an impressive photo editor that everyone must own. 

Key features

  • Hundreds of artistic styles

Prisma is different from its competitors because it offers over 300 art styles in its library. It has the largest collection of different artistic styles to choose from. Indeed, you’ll never get short of reasons not to love Prisma. 

  • Daily updates

The developers of this amazing photo editor know precisely how to keep its users. New art filters are being added to the app daily. The app also releases special styles from time to time. This app knows how to keep you excited each day. 

  • Creators community

Being a part of a community of creators can really help boost your creativity. It’s important to connect with people that share the same passion in life. Prisma has a large community of artists. You can connect with them and get to look at their artwork. This should help keep your creativity and ideas flowing. 



FREE (Offers in-app purchases)

Available on:

  • iOS

Both pros and beginners will love Darkroom editor. It’s easy enough for the novices, and powerful enough for the experts. Darkroom is incredibly fast, probably the reason why it is among the best photo editing apps in the market today. 

Darkroom has all the tools you need to make your photos ridiculously stunning and beautiful. It has an extensive free toolkit so you can edit RAW images, portraits, and Live photos swiftly and seamlessly. 

Another thing you will like about this app is that it will let you create your own filters. You can edit the built-in or premium filters to suit your style and needs. Or, you may create your very own from scratch. 

This isn’t the whole package yet. There are many more things you will love about Darkroom. 

Key features

  • Portrait blur editing

Darkroom lets you add a blurred background to your portrait even after you have taken the photo. The latest phones now have impressive front camera optics and enable users to add depth in photos to create a blurred background effect. But if your phone doesn’t have this feature, then you can always add a blurred background using this amazing app.

  • Raw editing

Edit your raw photos without ever damaging their quality. Darkroom is equipped with a RAW engine that makes editing raw files fast and super easy as if they were regular images. You can tweak the details in your photos, such as highlights and shadows.

  • Batch processing

Darkroom is a step ahead from its competitors because it can edit photos by batch. You can apply edits and filters to multiple photos at once. You can also delete and hide a set of photos. No other apps can make such fast and easy file management. 

  • No imports

There’s really a ton of things to like about Darkroom, one of which is that it does not have an import step. That means all your photos are instantly available. You can navigate through your photos quickly and edit them swiftly. 

Photo credits: adobe.com

Adobe Lightroom

FREE (offers in-app purchases)

Available on:

  • Android
  • iOS

As a product of a robust and leading software company, Adobe Lightroom is yet another powerful and intuitive photo enhancer. It is one of the best photo editing apps in the market for several reasons. 

Lightroom helps you empower your imagination and unleash your creativity. It is easy to use, with sliders and filters at your fingertips. You can retouch full-resolution photos and start editing your photos wherever you are, whenever you want. 

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You can access all Lightroom presets and retouch your images on one device. All the changes you make will be applied automatically everywhere else. 

Key features

  • Edit down to the smallest details

As one of the world’s best photo editing apps, Lightroom is equipped with intuitive photo editing tools. You don’t need very much knowledge about photo processing. You can correct your images by simply dragging the sliders or tapping the tools. Improve the lighting, tweak the tone, and apply photo filters the simplest way possible. 

  • Lightroom presets

Even beginners can achieve professionally edited photos by using the intricately designed Lightroom presets. This app lets you be more creative in photo editing. You can combine presets or recreate your favorite photo effects with just a click.

  • Smart organization

There’s no need to spend too much time organizing your photos. Lightroom organizes your pictures so you can focus solely on your photography. Lightroom is equipped with a technology called Adobe Sensei, an AI that automatically tags and organizes your photos based on various variables, such as people that are in the photos.

  • Pro-level camera

Lightroom does not only let you edit photos from your library, but it is also a camera app that allows you to take photos directly in the app. It is stuffed with phone camera controls. You can set the timer, choose from exposure, or pick a preset. This best photo editing app gives you total control over your photography so you can come up with photos that look spectacular.



Available on: 

  • iOS

Another potent app that is among the best photo editing apps is Enlight. It has a huge range of powerful editing tools. It’s not difficult to master this photo editor, even if you don’t have that much experience in photo processing. 

Enlight is your all-in-one photo editor. It packs with several features that make it stand out from the rest. It has tools to improve the composition of your photos, enhance their color and clarity, change the look and mood, as well as tools for retouching, blending, and blurring. 

With its comprehensive library of tools, you can play around your photos until you get the look that you want. 

Key features

  • Powerful text tool

Much like the other best photo editing apps, Enlight enables you to write on your photo and stylize the text the way you like it. There’s a bunch of different fonts to try on. Resizing and moving the text box is as easy as hold and drag. 

The decals tool lets you stylize your text even more. It has a range of preformatted texts of various common phrases. 

If you love making memes, then you’ll absolutely love the Enlight Meme Tool.

  • Create captivating collage

The collage feature in Enlight is great for combining multiple photos that look good together in one canvas. Sometimes, one photo isn’t enough to tell people the amazing time you had in that Saturday camp. Instead of uploading multiple pictures, you can artistically glue them together in one layout. 

Enlight collage tool offers various customization options, so you can curate a captivating creation. 


FilterStorm Neue


Available on:

  • iOS

Being one of the world’s best photo editing apps of 2020, FilterStorm Neue provides you with all the tools you could ever ask for to enhance and beautify simple photos. From masking tools to unique filters, this photo editor is one great app for all artists — be it beginner or pro. 

FilterStorm Neue is fast, simple, and easy to use. This photo enhancer is meticulously designed for iPhoneographers with different skill levels and purists who love to use masking and curves. 

This best photo editing app packs a lot of greatness in it. It is non-destructive and very intuitive. You can open RAW files and also export FTP and TIFF files without ever degrading their quality. 

Photojournalists will also enjoy the code replacement feature of this app. 

Key features

  • 10-step undo history

You will make mistakes… that’s for sure. If you ever hit the wrong setting, you can always undo the operations you have done so far. That means you don’t have to go back to square one. Simply tap the undo button to erase the latest changes. You can go as far as ten steps backward.

  • Code replacements

Filterstorm Neue is the best photo editor app for mobile because it supports code replacements. That’s also the reason why hundreds of photojournalists love this app. You just have to place a code replacements file named “code-replacement.txt” into the app’s document history in iTunes (under the Apps tab). 

You can change the metadata of your photos, such as the caption, keywords, subject, category, creator, source, image country code, copyright, usage, contact, and more. 

  • TIFF, JPEG, and PNG Export

Filterstorm Neue is among the few best photo editing apps that support PNG, JPEG, and TIFF export. 

  • Image tiling

You will love this photo editor because it allows image tiling. Tiling enables you to tweak images larger than the maximum texture size of your GPU, which is 4096 x 4096 on new devices, and 2048 x 2048 on iPhone 4. 

Final Takeaway About The Best Photo Editing Apps

The number of photo editing apps in the market is ridiculously high, and picking the best ones has become rather difficult. Almost all photo and video creation tools claim to be the best photo editing apps, but in reality, only a few numbers of these apps are truly the best photo editing apps. 

Thanks to modern technology, everyone can now access powerful photo editing apps using mobile devices. All the tools you need to transform your photos and release your creativity are at your fingertips. No need to take a Photoshop masterclass; all you need is a simple to use, yet robust and complete photo editing app. 

Related Questions

What photo editing app do photographers use?

Photographers love using Lightroom, Snapseed, zShot, and Darkroom. These apps have a simple user interface and powerful collection of editing tools. Some of these apps cost a certain amount, and some are offered absolutely free, such as zShot and Snapseed. 

What photo editor can I use to edit pictures for my business?

Photos play a vital role in business. They can promote your services and products. A well-taken photo can win a lot of customers. Use a photo editor that allows you to modify the color, shade, and saturation. An app that lets you add text onto your photo is ideal as well. You can add a slogan, price, or product details.

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