The Best Collage Maker Apps in 2021

The Best Collage Maker Apps in 2021

Photo collage maker app
Photo collage makers are one of the best breakthroughs in photography. With it, memories are set together in one image.

Modern phone cameras have made it possible to take stunning photos in just a click. With it, keeping thousands of precious memories is very easy. And, a collage maker app makes it even easier to compile them.

This alone has led to the rise of thousands of photo editing applications all vying to be the best in the field. From a video editing app to a photo editing app and the like, the app market is bombarded with endless options making it hard to choose the best among them. 

This era of digital rise also gave birth to a plethora of collage making applications as an aid to the beautiful photos taken by the powerful smartphone camera. With this, putting together a few astonishing images into one is possible within seconds. 

Collage maker applications have popped up like mushrooms. They have become one of the hottest applications today as seen almost anywhere – social media platforms, ads, and the like. 

Undeniably, they have conquered the world in an instant. In fact, these collage makers are always in tight competition in order to be on top. 

The question is, what then is the best free collage maker for this year?

With this, we have summed up the best free collage makers in 2020 to choose from when trying to create amazing collages. Take a look at them and decide for yourself which among them should be hailed as the best!

1. Cut Paste Photos Pro app


Cut Paste Photos Pro is an app developed by Mafooly Apps. It tops our list because of its simplicity and functionality. Cut Paste gives you the necessary tools to make a great collage. With easy-to-use features and no-nonsense interface, it’s an essential editing app you’d want to keep for a long-term. It’s available in iOS, but we suggest using zShot if you’re an Android user.

Download Cut Paste Photos Pro now to start making fun collages!

Get it on Google Play

2. zShot

Operating System: iOS and Android

The zShot app is an all-in-one app created by Mafooly. It is known as an all-in-one app because it has five different functions, a video editor, photo editor, document scanner, slideshow maker and a collage maker app, everything that a photo enthusiast has ever needed. 

Aside from its capacity to as a collage maker app, it can also be used to edit photos and videos, create slideshows, and scan documents. 

The app is loaded with a lot of excellent features all aimed to give users one great customer experience. With it, creating collages has never been this easy!

It comes with cool stickers, fun effects, and beautiful filters. The app also allows you to add texts and choose the font style and color. What more? It also has a good range of pre-set layouts to choose from. 

The canvas can also be a ground to be creative since you can draw from it. You can also adjust the grids to fit your needs. True enough, the zShot app offers endless possibilities to make fun and create collages that could attract thousands of clients and followers. 

The zShot app is a very powerful tool when creating photo collages. It gives you total control over the outcome which is a great thing most especially when you are aiming for a certain result. 

But what makes zShot really one of the best free collage makers of 2020 is that all the powerful tools and functions that come with it are offered for free. And, it is available on both iOS and Android too!

To get started with zShot, all you have to do is to download the zShot app then launch it. Click on the “Collage Maker” option and choose the photos that you want to use either from your phone or shoot directly from the app. 

Then, play with the images by adding filters, stickers, texts, and the like. 

Do not forget to save the collage once done!

Download the zShot Collage Maker App here!

3. Fotojet

Operating System: Windows, macOS, Linux (in browser)

Fotojet is fun and feature-jammed photo collage maker that offers print-ready collages at the same time. It is a fun and flexible option when trying to create photo collages for a variety of purposes. 

The app offers two different layout options to choose from – the grid and illustrated design. It allows you to adjust the frames of the grid any way you want. The same goes for the spacing and roundness of the boxes. 

You can also choose the aspect ratio for your canvas which is a good thing when trying to create a more personalized photo collage. The app comes with a good choice of Instagram-style filters to give your collage a unique effect. 

Furthermore, it also makes it possible to adjust the Instagram-style filters. You can also change the background from the preset choices – geometric patterns or plain colors. 

Just like any other collage making app, you can also add texts and clips into your collage. 

As flexible as it sounds, the Fotojet collage maker app allows you to save your work in two formats – JPG and PNG. If you do not want to save it, you can directly share it on your different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr. 

Moreover, you can directly print it from your browser if you want. 

Fotojet is a good collage maker app when trying to make banners, invitations, and so much more. 

4. Canva

Operating System: Windows, macOS, Linux (in browser); Android, iOS (mobile app)

Canva is a user-friendly collage maker that is perfect for bloggers, marketers, businessmen, and marketers. It is best known for its capacity to create eye-catching collages even for those who do not have graphic design experience. 

It comes with a wide range of options and features including quality photographs and illustrations, stunning layouts, drag-and-drop design creation, and fun fonts. With such amazing features, you can come up with beautiful collages that you can download, print, or share on social media. 

It also has a speech and thought bubble creator which adds up to the creativeness of the collage that you will make. In addition, you can also edit the transparency of your photos as much as you can refine it more by adjusting the transparency or by straightening it. 

Canva comes with thousands of templates to choose from which you can easily customize to come up with the design that you want. There are templates that are offered for free and there are also templates that need to be paid. 

Luckily, the fee is not expensive at all. With as low as $1, you can already have the amazing layout and design that you want. 

Using Canva is very simple and easy.  With just a few taps in a couple of minutes, you can already have the photo collage that you want to boost your sales or to increase your follower base. 

What makes Canva stand out from other photo collage maker apps is that you can add bleed space and crop marks which is very useful when trying to print your output. 

Once done, you can save your collage in either printable PDF, PNG, or JPG file. You can also set it to the public for others to use. 

All in all, Canva is a good option when trying to look for a simple and user-friendly collage maker for both beginners and professionals. Its fees are very minimal and reasonable given how powerful it is in creating stunning results. 

5. Fotor Collage Maker

Operating System: Windows, macOS, Linux (in browser); Android, iOS (mobile app)

Fotor is a comprehensive photo editor and collage maker that comes with two versions – one that is built with HTML5 and another that uses Flash. Soon enough, Fotos built with HTML5 will be phased out but technically, the HTML5 and Flash version works just the same. 

Fotor works just like Canva but it even makes it even easier to create a collage. All the essential features that come with Fotor are offered for free and the more advanced features are for premium members only. Premium members also got to enjoy an ad-free experience.

 When making a collage, Fotor automatically crops and resizes the uploaded image to set the frame. You can also add text and stickers to make your collage even more personalized. 

To get started with Fotor, the first thing that you have to do is to sign in or create a new account by either connecting it to your Facebook or Gmail account. An account is needed for you to save your future works. 

After creating an account, click on the “Collage” option and choose a template. Import the images that you want to include in your collage and then tap on “Fill” in order for the images that you selected to fill the template. 

Add the things you need to do in your collage and save it afterward. When saving, you can choose the aspect ratio and resolution of the collage you have made. Save your output in either JPG, PNG, or PDF format.

Fotor comes with a wide range of filters to enhance the images you will use in creating a collage. Some of the filters that you can choose from include artificial lighting, sunset, portrait, landscape, and theater.

All in all, Fotor is an excellent free collage maker. It actually is one of the best given how simple and easy it is to use.  

6. PhotoPad Collage Maker

Operating system: Windows

PhotoPad is a fast and flexible desktop collage maker that can be used both online and offline. 

Unlike other photo collage maker apps, PhotoPad doesn’t require you to sign in using your Facebook or email. You can directly use it without the hassle of signing up or logging in. 

It is actually for entry-level photo editors and collage makers with its simple user interface and uncomplicated tools and functions. It comes with a very consistent interface with tabbed toolbars that exactly looks like the main menu. 

PhotoPad can open a lot of image formats including RAW. It also has standards tools such as crop, zoom, select, paint, and draws. 

Aside from these things, you can also add texts to your collage. PhotoPad has over 252 font styles to choose to find the most suitable one for your collage. 

You can also edit the photos that you will use in your collage and add filters if you wish. All in all, there are 15 filters available to choose from. If adding a filter is not your thing, you can simply adjust the shadows and highlights of your images in accordance with your need or choice. 

What more? It also allows you to auto edit images or edits multiple photos all at once. With just a tap, you can apply the same changes to all your photos in the collage. 

Furthermore, it can also fix blemishes to make your photos as flawless as possible. 

PhotoPad has 20 different file types to choose from when saving your images. Some of them include JPG, PSD, TIFF, PNG, and GIF. 

You can direct the collage you have made on your social media accounts or attach them to an email. If not, you are always free to import or export your collage. 

To create a collage using PhotoPad, choose “Collage” and then choose the size of your canvas. Next, pick the background. PhotoPad has a variety of background designs and solid colors. You can also add your own photo as a background. 

The next thing to do is to choose a layout and adjust the spaces and roundness between each photo. To add a photo, click on the space and choose the photo you want to add. 

PhotoPad automatically adjusts the photo to fit the frame but you can always adjust it to your liking. 

Once you are done adding the photos, you can now design the collage the way you want and save it afterward.

7. PiZap Collage Maker

Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux (in browser)

PiZap is a free online editor that can be used to create collages online. 

Unlike any other free collage maker online, PiZap does not require you to enter your email address to use it. You can directly make your collage right away without signing in. 

The platform is best used when creating collages or editing photos to be shared on Facebook. In fact, what makes it different from other collage makers is that PiZap keeps things fun and silly. 

PiZap comes with a free and a paid version. More or less half of the tools and features PiZap has is offered for free. Premium accounts which cost around 5.99 (about £5, AU$8) for one month, or $35.88 (about £30, AU$50) for a year, remove ads, allow you to export images in higher resolutions (4k maximum), and let you do full-screen editing. 

When creating a collage with PiZap, you must first pick a design from the available choices. There is a good range of choices based on different shapes – rectangle, heart, circle, square, star, and so much more. 

After choosing a template, fill in the spaces with images. You can do it by simply clicking on the space and choosing the images. You can directly get the photo from your Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, or Flickr. 

After adding photos, you can now add a background, add a drop shadow, and adjust the spaces in between the images. You can also add a filter to your collage. 

To add more fun to your collage, you can play with it and add clip arts. PiZap also has other tools such as the meme text and paintbrushes that you can use to make your collage more beautiful. 

Once done editing your collage,  do not forget to save it. You can save it in JPG format only which is a good thing for small prints.

8. PicsArt Collage Maker

Operating System: Android and iOS

PicsArt is one of the hottest photo editors and collage makers today due to the powerful tools and features that it has. It is a feature-rich app that has it’s very own community for it’s more than 80 million users worldwide. 

The popular image editor and collage maker have just recently added AI-enhanced art filters. These filters can give photos in a collage a high-class artwork just like the works of Mondrian or Picasso. 

The interface of the app is very clean and light but is loaded with tons of interesting features. The Home screen of the app is the social photo feed where you can view the works of other users. The feed is somewhat similar to Instagram. 

With it, you can follow other users as much as you can and you can like, comment on, or repost others’ posts. If the image has a  #FreeToEdit hashtag, then you can edit the image as well. 

To create a collage with PicsArt, click on the plus sign button to add the images that you will use for your collage. You can add photos either from your gallery, by taking a photo straight from your phone, or by starting with a blank canvas. Aside from these options, you can also import images from your Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr account. 

To zoom in an image in your collage, simply pinch in or out on the image. The plus button will reveal more tools and functions that you can use when creating a collage. Some of these tools and functions include undo, reset, see the last action, and the like. 

Furthermore, the app also comes with beautiful effects that you can apply, adjust, or remove anytime you want. Other tools that the app has include curves, cropping with shape, brushes, clone or stamp, borders, text, marks, and lens flares. 

Aside from the things mentioned, it also comes with a plethora of clip arts that you can use in styling your collages. You can also draw into your collage with over brush types and shapes to choose from. 

Adding texts is also allowed. Besides, the app has over 30 font choices. You can also change the text color and adjust the size. 

What more?

The app also allows you to draw on your canvas. 

Just like any other photo editor and collage maker, you can also fix red-eye, remove blemishes, and clone and stamp. 

What is most amazing about PicsArt is its magic effects? With its magic effects feature, you can apply a filter on a selected area of your collage only. You can use this option even when you are not connected to the internet. 

PicsArt offers a cornucopia of backgrounds, layouts, and adjustable borders. This gives you the flexibility to play around or experiment on your collage in order to come out with the best. 

Once done creating a college with PicsArt, you can save your work into the camera roll or you can share it directly on your different social media networks. If not. You can also share it with the community.

9. Moldiv Collage Maker

Operating System: iOS

Moldiv is a collage maker app that recognizes the value of each shot. This means that you can edit the photos separately before making it into a collage. 

Moldiv comes with a wide range of frames and image arrangement catalogs to choose from. You can also do a good makeover on the photos that you will use by adjusting their exposure, intensity, and shades of colors, dimensions, etc. 

The user interface of the app is very straightforward with the most basic tools when creating a collage or editing a photo. This includes clarity, exposure, sharpen, and so much more. 

It also has textured overlays including film grains, lens flares, and weather effects. You can use these overlays to instantly make your collage and photos look good. 

The app also has a lot of stickers that you can use to add fun to your collages. The text tool of this collage maker is pretty amazing too. You can add drop shadow styling or character spacing into the texts that you will add in your collage. 

To create a collage with Moldiv, you must first choose from a variety of predefined layouts. Next is to pick the photos that you will use in your collage. 

After this, you can already start making adjustments to your collage. You can alter the aspect ratios and borders, switch positions, add stickers, and texts. 

You can easily maneuver the tools and features that come with collage maker of Moldiv. With it, you can make changes to your heart’s delight. 

What makes the app even more amazing is that it has a secondary collage mode. The secondary collage mode offers a series of magazine-style templates. You can edit these templates with the secondary collaging tools. 

Although Moldiv is free, some of its features are sold for a very minimal fee. The fee is around  $2–$7 each or $12 for the whole collection.

10. PicPlayPost

Operating System: iOS and Android

PicPlayPost is a photo and video collage maker for Android and iOS. What makes it different from other collage makers is that it allows videos to be integrated into collages.

With this, you can add in as much as 6 video clips and a video collage can last up to 10 minutes. You can also add music to your video collage to make it more interesting. 

The starting window of the app shows a demonstration of ready-made collages using the most recent materials from your gallery. The demo video has added effects and transitions. 

You can directly post the ready-made collage or open it to edit. When editing, you can choose from six height to weight range options. When adding music, you can import it from your own playlist or buy new tunes. 

PicPlayPost still has the basic tools and features that every collage maker has. The app has the capacity to select a ratio or frame layout, change the thickness and color of borders, resize the separate frames, and add photos. 

You can zoom in or out the videos or photos that you will add in your collage too. Rotating or changing their positions is even possible. 

All in all, the app has a total of 36 different frame layouts and six possible different aspect ratios. Keep in mind that only six videos are allowed for iOS 7, four for the previous versions. 

When it comes to the photos, you can always rotate or flip them vertically or horizontally. You can also rotate them if needed. 

You can add the same filter and alignments on both videos and photos. The app also has a built-in video trimming options which help you maintain the 10-minute restriction for each video.

PicPlayPost does not support iCloud syncing but it does support all iOS devices.  The app offers a wide range of tools that you can use in images, videos, GIFs, Live Photos. 

What makes PicPlay Post one of the best collage makers is its capacity to individually adjust each component. For additional tools and features, you can purchase them for $7 a month. To get everything, that will cost you around $100.

11. Fuzel Collage Maker

Operating System: Android and iOS

Fuzel is a photo collage maker which makes it possible to create collages in less than a minute. With it, you can add as many photos as you want in your collage. 

You can add a photo from your gallery or from any other folder on your smartphone. Or, you can grab from your social media accounts too. If not, you can directly capture a photo from the app itself.

The app comes with premium frames, cool stickers, and exciting labels to enhance the collage that you will make. Much more than just a collage maker app, Fuzel gives you total control over the things that you want to do in your collage. 

The app is slick and is very easy to use. It has four different types of decorations to choose from. These decorations include stickers, labels, frames, and patterns. 

The app has a wide range of collage templates ranging from wackier mosaics of different shapes and embellishments to simple grids. Moreover, the app has a very simple user interface which makes it easy to navigate it when making a collage. 

Unlike other collage maker apps, Fuzel allows you to cut and divide the frames into smaller ones. You can also merger different frames into one. The borders are adjustable too which means that you can drag it the way you want it. 

It works for both landscape and portrait photos which is a good thing. The thing is, it has these so-called credit packs which you need to purchase to use its advanced features. 

Collages made with this app can be saved at a fullscreen resolution. But, you can also keep them into smaller versions for email or social media purposes.

12. PhotoGrid

Operating System: Android and iOS

Photo Grid is an intuitive photo editor and collage maker with a wide range of grid layouts and a very simple user interface. By far, the app is considered as one of the best when it comes to putting together photos in framed and paneled collages. 

The app is relatively powerful in creating collages with its great features and flexible tools. It comes with a good number of layouts, different fonts, stickers, frames, orientations, and so much more. 

Photo Grid is equipped with the basic editing tools including crop, saturation, rotation, contrast, resize, adjust brightness, and blur. It also comes with amazing fonts, cool stickers, a variety of background, and animated filter effects. 

The app also has a smart facial recognition technology which makes it possible to even out skin tone, soften wrinkles, and remove blemishes. It also has the capacity to remove the background. 

There are 15 different modules that can be used when making a collage. It has a Venus Filter which appears like a magic wand icon that makes your images more breathtaking. 

To create a collage with Photo Grid, you must first choose from the five different collage editors:

Grid HD 

Grid HD comes with a wide range of beautiful, pre-designed templates that can create collages with photos ranging from two to nine. It has three orientations to choose from – vertical, horizontal, or square.

With this, you can make the corners round and the borders invisible. You can also add colors and patterns to make your collage more interesting. 

Free HD

The Free HD editor allows you to make collages the way you want it. It has a free-form, tap-and-drag interface which gives you the freedom to personalize your collage. 

Basically, it has all the basic tools and features that a collage maker has. What makes it different from other collage makers is that it allows you to overlap images and add text boxes. 

High and Wide

The High and Wide editors are known for two things – simple and straightforward. With these editors, you will choose the images that you want to use in your collage and they will automatically generate vertical or horizontal photo strips. These editors also allow zooming in and out of images. 


The Single editor is the least used of all editors. This is because this editor only allows one image at a time. So technically, this is not considered as a collage. 

This editor might not be used in making collages but it sure does well with borders and die-cut edges. This makes an image neat and beautiful. 

Then, add the photos from your gallery. You can choose up to 9 photos to work with. You can swap the photos if you want.  

And finally, you can now edit and add changes to your collages. Do not forget to save your image into JPG and PNG formats.

13. Photo Blend and Shape Collage Maker

Operating System: Android and iOS

Photo Blend and Shape Collage Maker is an automatic collage maker that turns simple pictures into beautiful collaged within minutes. The app makes use of an intelligent machine learning algorithm in creating collages. 

With this, the photos are automatically in a collage. This doesn’t mean that you do not have any control over the collage that you are making. 

In fact, you can always arrange the photos to your desired shape. Some of the shapes which you can make use of include apple, cat, bird, and so much more. 

Aside from these things, the app also gives you an avenue to make beautiful and artistic blenders. It also can give your photos double exposure effects.

The app also gives you the freedom to create your own collage the way you want it. You can also turn your selected photos into different shapes for an additional artistic effect. 

In addition, the app also has other functions which include the adjustment tools for sharpness, brightness, contrast, and the like. It also allows you to individually edit each photo by adding a filter or effects, rotating or flipping it, etc. 

Unlike other collage maker apps, Photo Blend and Shape Collage Maker makes it possible to add different filters for different photos. Zooming in and zooming out of images is also easy by just pinching the screen in or out. 

To create a collage with this app, choose at least 8 photos from your gallery. You can also use the built-in camera of the app in taking at least four photos. 

The app will then automatically make a collage using the photos that you have selected. Once your collage is ready, you can start modifying it by adjusting the contrast, sharpness, hue, and saturation. 

You can also start moving pictures into the place you want them to be. Then, work with the composition, filter, and effects that you want to have in your collage. 

What is good about the app is that it allows you to create a grid of 8 pictures collage.

Once you are done making your collage, do not forget to save it on your smartphone. If not, you can directly share it on your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and your other social media accounts.

14. Kizoa Collage Maker 

Operating System: iOS

Kizoa is a simple and intuitive collage maker, photo editor, and a slideshow creator at the same time. It offers two ways to create a collage – make a collage from scratch or choose one of Kizoa’s templates. 

The software comes with a good number of templates. With this, creating simple to complex collages in minutes is possible. 

You can also add animation to your collages to make it even better. Aside from animations, you can also add videos or GIFs to make your collages more dynamic. Furthermore, you can add as many stickers or text as you want into the entire canvas. 

What makes Kizoa different is that you don’t have to download it since it is a web-based application. You can simply access it online in case you need to create a collage.

The advantage of using a web-based collage maker app is that you can save your works on the cloud and access it anytime you want regardless of where you are. 

The app is best suited for both beginners and pros when it comes to collage making. 

All the tools and functions that the app has been labeled accordingly to make it easier for you to find what you need. 

When using Kizoa for the first time, you are given a free 1GB file storage. This also gives you the ability to download 2- minute videos at 720p resolution. 

When it comes to saving or sharing your collage, the app allows you to share it with your different social media accounts. You can send it using your email too. 

To make a collage with Kizoa, go to its website and then sign in if you have an existing account or sign up if you don’t have one. Once the dashboard has loaded, click on “My Tab” to upload your images into the website. 

Choose collage and then pick the way you want to make your collage – using the preset templates or create your own design from scratch.

After this, you can start adjusting and editing your collage as you wish.

15. Split Pic Collage Maker

Operating System: iOS

Split Pic is one of the best collage makers for iPhone with more than 100 layouts, 400 font styles and bubbles, and a plethora of effects and stickers. 

With this, you can create stunning traditional collages and enhance them by adding lines, texts, and the like. You can make it even better by adjusting the transparency of your photos. 

It gives collages an artistic look with its filters and advanced tools and features. The app comes with the basics when creating a collage. 

Some of the tools that it has include crop, rotate, flip, and add a filter, effect, text, or sticker. 

Aside from being a collage maker and a photo editor, the app also has the ability to clone yourself. This is possible by splitting your camera into two, three, or four sections. 

To create a collage with Split Pic, you must select a layout first. You can customize your chosen layout by moving the bars.

Then, add images into the panels. You can import images from your device or take a new photo using the app itself. 

After filling the panels with your photos, a pointer setting will appear on the lower-left corner of the screen. The pointer has two settings separated by colors. 

The color orange allows you to move the separators. On the other hand, the color purple allows you to move an image around within each pane or pinch to zoom. 

The next step is to add filters to your photos. Add the changes that you want to do before saving your collage. 

You can save your collage on your photo library or send it via email. The app also allows you to share your collage to the different social media accounts including Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

16. Diptic Collage Maker

Operating System: iOS

Diptic is a photo and collage maker that has a drag and drop interface which makes it possible to create collages in minutes. It comes with a collection of templates to choose from including Classic, Bordered,  and Fancy Designs. 

To create a collage with Diptic, you must choose a layout first. Diptic has over 35 templates. It’s layouts range from basic split-screen to more complex arrangements. The app even comes with an animated grid that highlights the photos alternately. 

Once done choosing a layout, you can start editing the frames, borders, and aspect ratio of your collage. You can also add text as well. 

The Borders option enables you to do adjustments on the canvas style, color, size, and texture. If you want to use a canvas cover, you must first apply an outer rounding in the size section. If not, enable square padding first. 

On the other hand, the Frames option allows you to adjust the joints or lines in between the images. This will change the shape and size of the frames. 

If you want to create a non-square collage, you can do it in the Aspect option. The thing is, the feature is only available when purchased. 

To add a text into your collage, click on the Text option. The Text option also makes it possible for you to adjust the color, font, size, and style. 

If you want to swap photos, tap both photos at the same time. To delete an image from the reset setting and grid, just shake your phone. 

Save your collage by tapping “Publish.” Save it “Large” for a higher resolution.

Diptic is indeed one of the best with its user-friendly interface, powerful tools, and amazing features.

17. Ribbet Collage Maker

Operating System: iOS

Ribbet is one of the best photo collage makers for beginners. It comes with advanced photo effects and filters alongside thousands of fun and cool stickers. 

The app is complete with the most basic collage making and photo editing tools such as crop, cut, flip, and rotate. It also allows you to adjust the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, temperature, sharpness, clarity, and the like. 

You can also add filters and effects to your collage for a more artistic outcome. Ribbet also gives you the freedom not only to choose a template but to set the size as well. 

In addition, you can also adjust the background and change the roundness of the frames of your collage. It also has overlays. 

The overlays have four tabs: Light, Color, Texture, and Seasonal. Each of these overlays somewhat functions as effects do. 

Its interface is very simple and convenient. This makes it easy to create a collage with Ribbet. 

The app only has necessary buttons which makes it simple. Its simplicity does not compromise what the app can do. In fact, this makes it even clear and stylish. 

What makes Ribbet different is its ability to activate the Pro tools option. The Pro tool options have dodge and burn options. You can also decorate yours with stickers and tests with different font styles to choose from.

You can even add more frames to your colleagues when needed!

Once done creating your collage, do not forget to save it by clicking the Save button. Ribbet offers four options when saving an image. 

You could save it either on PC, for printing, on Google Photos, or Flickr app. You can also choose the size, quality, and format. 

Moreover, you can also upload your collage directly from your photo album, Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram. If you are logged in to your social media accounts, the app will automatically upload all your images.

18. Pic Jointer

Operating System: iOS and Android

 Pic Jointer is a powerful photo editor and collage maker with over five million users all over the world. It comes with hundreds of stylish layouts to accommodate all the needs of its users. 

Aside from great layouts, it also has fun stickers and funky fonts. The app allows you to zoom, rotate, pan, or mirror your photos, too, to come up with the best outcome. 

You can also edit the layout of your collage by adjusting the frame, patterns, and colors. 

To create a collage with Pic Jointer, first, choose a frame that you want to use in your college. All in all, there are 64 frames to choose from. 

The next step will take you to the main menu wherein you will be asked to add photos already. After this, you can start editing your collage by adjusting the color of the frame and changing the texture by choosing from the 24 pre-designed picture options. 

Other features of the app include flipping the image or replacing the selected photo. The app also allows you to undo the last action. 

To make your collage more interesting, you can also add filters and effects. Pic Jointer has a great selection of filters and effects including BWGrained, Auto-Enhance, Sonoma, PaperToss, and Aged. 

After editing your collage, you can save it in your gallery. You can also share it online via Facebook, Twitter, or email. 

Pic Jointer has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to pay attention to the smallest of details to get better results. 

You can subscribe to the app on a weekly basis. Payments are charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase.

Subscriptions automatically renew but can also be canceled at any time of the day.

19. Photovisi Collage Maker

Operating System: Browser Version

Photovisi is considered as one of the cheapest collage makers available. In fact, Photovisi is offered for free. 

The site offers a wide choice of templates to choose from. Creating a collage with it is relatively easy. 

All you have to do is to select a template, add your photos, and they will all be automatically turned into a collage. If you think you don’t have any control over what the outcome is, then you are definitely wrong. 

Photovisi allows you to crop, delete, or replace any photo that you want to change in your collage before saving it. You can download the collage on your computer or share it using your email. 

Using the app doesn’t require you to register. You can create stunning collages right away without the hassle of registering or signing in. 

The app is totally free too which means that anyone can use it. It is also very simple and easy to use which makes it even better. 

Photovisi also has a wide range of collage making tools. Folder sharing and collaboration are also allowed within the app. 

Just like other collage makers, you can also add text with different designs into your output. But what is even better is that you can actually make a great banner or greeting card based on the collage that you have made. 

You can share what you have made on your social media accounts or use it to print a beautiful calendar.

20. PicStitch

Operating System: Android and iOS

Photo collage apps are so common. But what makes PicStitch standout among them is that you can actually add video clips into your collage. 

That does not end there. PicStitch also makes it possible to add music to your output. This will not just make your collage entertaining, but it will also make it more interactive. 

To add a clip into your layout, simply fill in the frame with the video. The process is just like how you add an image into the panels. 

Once you have successfully filled the panel with a video, a video editor will automatically pop out. If you want to make your video clip even shorter, simply drag the blue tabs to trim it. You can trim it in between 6 to 15 seconds long. 

Once you are done trimming your video clip, you can already adjust the speed and change the orientation as you want. You can also add colors to your collage by adding filters into it. 

Another thing that you can do to your collage with the app is to add stickers or text. If you want to make it even more personalized, you can adjust the frames and borders as well. 

If you have already achieved your desired outcome, you may now press Done to download your collage.

21. Layout

Operating System: Android and iOS

Layout is a simple free photo collage maker from Instagram. The app does not have as many features as other collage makers do. 

But ironically, it’s simplicity is what makes it more user-friendly. 

As mentioned above, the app is very simple, so using it is even simpler. All you have to do is simply select all the photos you want to use in your collage and then, click next. 

Clicking next will automatically turn your images in a collage using a layout that is available for the number of photos you have selected. 

To rearrange the images, simply slide them to the place where you want to be. You can change the size of the frame by tapping the blue handles and pushing them in or out. 

Editing your design is very simple. You can find four buttons on the lower part of the screen which you can use when editing. If you want to replace your image, simply tap the Replace icon. 

Other things that you can do to your collage using the Layout is to flip or mirror your images. 

Changing your border is also possible. This can be done by clicking Borders and finding a new replacement. 

Since the app is built-in with Instagram, you can also add filters into it using the preset filters that the app had. The app actually has a great selection of beautiful filters. 

If not, you can edit your images using the tools Instagram had. Once you are done creating your collage, do not forget to save it or you can just share it with your Instagram account.

22. Unfold

Operating System: iOS

Unfold is one of the most recent breakthroughs for Instagram stories. It is a simple and chic app with elegant and minimalist designs for Instagram collages. 

The app comes with elegant film-inspired layouts that give you collages a classic look. With it, your collages will look like a collection of vintage photographic films. 

Unfold has over 200 templates including Ripped Paper and Film Frames. It also has advanced tools to make your collages even more personalized. 

These text tools have curated fonts. Aside from the availability of a text tool, you can also add unique stickers into your collage for a touch of fun. 

What is even more amazing about the app is that it had a built-in camera that you can use to capture photos. Then, you can edit it right away. 

Unfold offers 15 filters and effects which when used, can bring out the best for your collage. 

Once done, you can export your work in high resolution. Exporting it in high resolution is very important if you want to share it with your other social media accounts. This will make sharing it seamless for you. 

Unfold is offered for free and comes with in-app purchases. Becoming a member of the app gives you certain privileges. Some of them are the following:

  • Early access to new collections
  • Access to all fonts and templates
  • Member-only access to designs and releases

You can always cancel the membership at any time of the day as you want. The billing for Unfold is charged annually. 

It starts after the free trial period is over. The subscription will automatically renew each year. 

Monthly plans are also available. If you want to cancel a subscription, cancel it a day before the auto-renew date to avoid getting renewed and being charged again.

Payments are charged on your Apple ID account.

23. Adobe Spark

Operating System: Android and iOS

Coming from one of the most reputable companies for photo and video editors, Adobe Spark allows you to create beautiful collages with free templates and the least possible effort. 

Using it is very simple. You can create a collage using it even if you are not an expert in computing and design. 

All it takes is to choose the photos and watch them come to life as Adobe Spark them into a beautiful collage. Adobe Spark has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to design your own collage right at the comforts of your home. No professional help needed!

The app has a set of ready to use photo collage templates, making it easy to create meaningful and engaging collages. And, you can also create a customized collage using the drag and drop system of the app. With this, you are in total control over everything.

To create a collage with Adobe Spark, click on the Collage tab and choose from the variety of templates if you are using the mobile app. When using the browser, click on the “Layout” tab on the sidebar and choose from preset layout choices. 

If not, create a collage from scratch!

Add your photos to your collage. You can import your photos almost anywhere – photo gallery, social media accounts, Dropbox, Google Drive, or even your Adobe Creative Cloud library. 

After choosing your photos, you can already crop or rearrange them to get them in perfect shape. The next step is to make your collage more stylish with texts, colors, and graphics. 

You can make your collage more colorful by using different colors in different frames. Add captions or fill frames with texts to personalize it. Stockers and icons are good options too if you want to make it more creative and eye-catching. 

Once you are done, your work is saved on the Adobe Spark Projects folder. This means that you can pause when needed and continue making it again once you have time.

You can also download your design to share it anywhere or email it directly. You can also print it out if you want.


Photo collages are a good way to preserve a lot of memories. It makes it possible to put together a good few memories in one photo. 

Choosing the collage maker that you use is very crucial. There are a lot of choices that makes it important to settle for the best only. Lastly, always make sure that you are doing it right when making a collage to ensure that you will get the most out of these apps. 

Related Questions

What makes a good collage maker?

A good collage maker is one that contains the basics of editing and gives you the freedom to do what you want. This means that you are given a lot of option and the app should be loaded with lots of amazing tools and features. 

What makes a paid collage maker different from a paid version?

The main difference is that the paid versions have more advanced tools and features. It offers users a lot of flexibility. But all in all, free versions work just the same as paid versions. They work just fine when it comes to creating collages. 

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