The Best Slideshow Apps of 2020

The Best Slideshow Apps of 2020

The best slideshow apps of 2020. With so many apps out there, someone had to come up with a list, right? That’s us.

But before we get down to that, here are some questions:

best slideshow apps of 2020
Here’s Our Definitive List Of The Best Slideshow Apps Of 2020

Are slideshows still relevant in this day and age? Is there an all-rounder out there that can compete with all the apps we’ve compiled and come out on top? Are there other apps that we should have included in this list?

We’ve listed down the best slideshow apps of 2020. These are the apps you’d want to have in your corner if you’re ever called to make a quick slideshow presentation. Most of the apps we’ve included have a free version that can pretty much do the job needed to be done quickly.

The apps work on an iPhone device or Android smartphone. Some even work on a PC or workstation if you absolutely need to do it on a desktop.

Now we also asked if there are any other apps out there that can compete with our current list.

Table of Contents

Spoiler alert:

We just might have the ultimate contender for the best app in this best slideshow apps of 2020 list. We’ll reveal it at the very bottom.

Spoiler Alert - We Already Have A Top Contender For The Best Slideshow Apps Of 2020
Spoiler Alert – We Already Have A Top Contender For The Best Slideshow Apps Of 2020

It’s totally up to you if you want to skip all the others we’ve included in the list and go directly straight to it or not. You might as well check the others we’ve included in this list, after all, the app we’ve chosen might not be the one you need right now.

And even if this is a the ultimate list of the best slideshow apps of 2020, we might as well call it the ultimate list of the best slideshow apps of 2020 plus our best bet for the best slideshow app ever.

First we’ll go through the importance of slideshows, how to easily create them, some pitfalls to avoid, the pros and cons of each app presented and finally, introduce our best bet to include in this list. 

Okay? Now on to the show!

Why Create Slideshows In The First Place?

Why create slideshows in the first place? Are these methods of presentations still relevant? Aren’t these types of presentations boring? Can’t I just make a video and let my audience sit through that instead of having me stand in front of them pointing things out on the screen?

Why Create Slideshows With Our List Of Best Slideshow Apps Of 2020?
Why Create Slideshows?

Slideshows have come a long way since the time Microsoft first came up with PowerPoint. You no longer need a PC or workstation to create them. In fact, a simple Android or iOS device can easily recreate the type of slideshows you did years ago with an old computer.

Gone are the tacky animation and font styles you used to drag with your mouse to the slides. There’s no more need to save it on an external hard drive. Instead, you can just upload it to the cloud or save it online. All you need now are your fingers, the device in your hand, the facts you need to post on your slides, and a little bit of imagination.


Now you have a slideshow presentation worthy of your colleagues’ undivided attention.

And about making a video presentation, sure you can do that but remember this: You can’t always have a video presentation for two reasons: professionalism and the difficult process of creating videos in the first place.

Producing A Professional Quality Video Isn’t As Easy As Most People Would Make You Believe

You might’ve seen over a hundred YouTube videos and thought to yourself “Hey, I can do that.” Well, you can but you would need an entire crew and a slew of equipment to make your video professional and presentable. Or one of the apps we’ve included in this ultimate list of the best slideshow apps of 2020.

People Appreciate Well-Made Presentations
People Appreciate Well-Made Presentations

A single POV type of video is going to end up boring unless there’s a dynamic change of scenery. You talking for over five minutes in front of a camera may not connect well with your audience therefore wasting the entire time you spent making the video in the first place.

Secrets To Making The Best Slideshow Presentation For Practical Use

What are the secrets to making the best slideshow presentations for practical use? Can this list of best slideshow apps help me? Should I just go straight to video?

To make your slideshow presentation better than what others created, you need to know some secrets the best slideshow makers use. Here’s a secret: get any one of the apps we’ve included in this list of the best slideshow apps of 2020 and you’re well on your way to creating a masterpiece.

Keep It Short

Some people believe that quantity trumps quality. In some cases that works. If you have a lot of important data to present, it would only be logical to include them all in your presentation.

Now let’s say you have 40 slides to present, with at least two minutes allotted per slide, you’re easily looking at a presentation that’s going to exceed an hour. Do you think your audience is willing to sit through the entire presentation without drifting off or taking an imaginary important call just to be excused?

Think of a presentation as a conversation between you and your audience so they’ll know what’s happening in your department or whatever it is you’re up to. To keep their attention, you need to be equally entertaining and educational at the same time.

Using your slideshow to tell the entire story and just reading whatever’s on each page is one way to quickly kill the presentation’s momentum.

Only Include The Important Parts

Just include the important data and leave all the other fat off. There’s no need to create a fully animated set of introduction slides if you’re audience already knows the information you are about to present. Instead, just go directly into the main topic and minimize the use of unnecessary data on other slides.

You Can Also Summarize The Data And Expound On It When Asked. The best number of slides, is about ten to 12 and with more emphasis put into your explanation of the data presented instead of just reading what’s shown on the screen.

If you can manage to explain everything within 30 minutes or less, you’re bound to keep your audience’s attention and ensure that they retain the information you presented.

Keep It Simple

Alright, this is going to help you with the first part which is to keep it short.

A slideshow presentation is supposed act as a visual aid for the topic you are discussing with your audience. A slide with a single image and a few words in strategic positions (usually right under the image) is more effective than loading the slide with as many texts and pictures on it.

Let’s say you have data for 2019 explaining why certain things happened during the course of the fiscal year. Now you don’t need to include the words that you’re eventually going to say on the slide. A long narrative on that slide is a surefire way to turn your audience off. No one’s going to read that.

Instead, use an aptly summarized version of the topic at hand and use that as a cue for what you’re going to say. Use short, simple, and direct words so the idea is conveyed with no confusion involved.


Keeping it simple also allows you to expound on the topic discussed on the slide without relying too heavily on a script. Scripts don’t work so well when there is a dynamic exchange of ideas between the speaker and the audience. You want to be able to exude an atmosphere of spontaneity while talking in front of a crowd with your slideshow presentation.

Allow Your Audience To Ask Questions
Allow Your Audience To Ask Questions

Many of the apps we’ve included in this ultimate list of the best slideshow apps of 2020 prioritize simplicity over too much special effects to help you get well on your way to making professional quality slideshows possible.

Keep It Clean

Lastly, keep it clean. Your slides should be easy to read at a glance. If you’ve taken our advice to keep it short and simple, your slides are naturally going to look clean and clutter-free.

One of the reasons why some slideshows are ineffective is because the creator crammed in as much text, images, background images, and animation into it in the hope of making their slideshow look “better”. Doing that just makes you look like a complete amateur.

Keep It Clean With Our Selection Of The Best Slideshow Apps Of 2020
Keep It Clean

Sure there are slide styles that you may have seen in the past that have an awful lot of graphics and special effects. Now, try to remember the important details. Pretty hard to keep track of what the presentation was about because you were distracted by all the animation and other clutter, right?

Don’t fall into that trap. Resist the urge to put more images, texts, animations, and other special effects to your slides. Designing slides with a minimalistic approach is always the best thing you can do in a professional setting.

Make sure the important data you want your audience to pay attention to is on the slide and trim the fat to make your slide look professional.

And If We Haven’t Stressed It Enough:

Pick one of our selections in this ultimate list of the best slideshow apps of 2020 so you can get started immediately.

Making A Photo Slideshow App That Sticks In Your Audience’ Mind

There was a time when Flickr was all the rage. That’s almost two decades ago. Although it’s long been forgotten, what that revolutionized was how entertaining photo slideshows were.

Users could compile photos and create a revolving, sequential set of photos that would just play for their family and friends to watch without clicking through each pic in the album.

That was a very convenient way of showing off your photos and it was entertaining to watch a slideshow of just photos and nothing else.

Today, that fad has come back thanks to Facebook and Instagram stories.
Social Media Is Chock Full Of Photo Slideshows
Social Media Is Chock Full Of Photo Slideshows

And with the apps made available for mobile devices, well, let’s just say that’s spread like wildfire all over the world.

That has led to app software and developers scrambling to create as many products for everyone to try and get their hands on.

Photo slideshow apps nowadays do more than just string a series of photos together. Now you can add creative captions, embed videos, do voice-overs, set background music, the sky’s the limit actually. And companies are becoming more creative with the products they offer.

The problem is, with a multitude of apps out there, how can you find the ones that are worth downloading or purchasing? We’ve come up with our ultimate list of the best slideshow apps of 2020 and we hope you’ll like the apps we’ve chosen for you to consider. Some are established favorites, some are relatively unknown. All of the apps included are worth downloading and perhaps, purchasing the pro version.

What’s The Criteria For Including These Apps In The List?

Alright, so how did these apps make it to the list of the best slideshow apps of 2020?

Our first consideration was that it had slideshow capabilities. That means it lets you do job of creating a slideshow easily. The pros and cons section for each app should help you determine if the app you’re reading about is the one you need.

We Really Had To Put A Lot Of Effort Into Compiling This Definitive List
We Really Had To Put A Lot Of Effort Into Compiling This Definitive List

The second consideration was the number of useable functions included in the app. Most of the apps we’ve included double as a video and photo editor. The more features, the better. Think of it as the Swiss army knife of productivity tools.  

There’s more:

Ease of use is also a consideration. Now, we’ve included apps that are targeted for both beginners and pros. We’ll make sure to let you know which one is which. The basic rule of thumb is, the slideshow app you choose should be easy for you to understand and navigate.

It's Great If You Can Use These Apps On Other Devices Too!
It’s Great If You Can Use These Apps On Other Devices Too!

Fancy effects is also an important thing since you can’t expect your photo slideshow to stand out from the thousands of others if you’re just showing off a series of boring photos. Special effects can really make a difference for any simple slideshow.

The ability to share it online is also important. After all, you’re making these slideshows for your audience who is also online. Making it easy to share on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms is definitely a priority.

Last, we’ve also narrowed our list down to the apps you can easily purchase without breaking the bank. The price has to be justifiable.

Alright, now on to the list!

The Ultimate List In No Particular Order Except For The Last One

Ok, so we didn’t create this list of the best slideshow apps of 2020 in any particular order simply for reasons of fairness. What we did instead was highlight what the particular app is best known for with a pros and cons section attached to it.

This List Is In No Particular Order To Remove Biases... OK Maybe Only For The Last App
This List Is In No Particular Order To Remove Biases… OK Maybe Only For The Last App

At the very bottom of each entry is an “Is It Worth It?” section. This is our opinion on the app after going through its features. Base your decision on the app that suits your needs best. Some of our selections for the best slideshow apps of 2020 may not be up to your standards and the functionalities presented may not be what you need.

We also put our bet for this best slideshow apps of 2020 list last simply because we wanted it there. You might want to try it out yourself and find out why we like it so much. At the end of the day, choose the app that works best for you.


Let’s start this list with the app everyone perceives to be the best overall. To be clear, they’re not far off from the truth. PicPlayPost has a boatload of useable features from the get-go. It’s available for both Android and iOS and the free version is more than enough to create amazing slideshows with.

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: PicPlayPost

So, what else do you need?

This is it. This is the best Slideshow app there is in the market. Why go even further down the list?

Well, we still have that ultimate contender we hinted about. And who knows, this app for all its great features may be a bit too much especially for someone just learning how to create slideshows. Either way, it’s always a good thing to have something really good and not need it than to need it and not have it.

So let’s explore this app a bit before moving on to the rest. Cool?

Ok here are some of the pros associated with PicPlayPost that made it the best overall in this list of best slideshow apps of 2020:


Highly Intuitive Program

Perhaps the highest selling point of this app is just how easy it is to use. The app takes its cue from the actions you make so creating slideshows, videos, and photos is an effortless task. Maybe this is why so many people have fallen in love with it, making it the first entry in our list of the best slideshow apps of 2020.

Integrated GIF stickers from Giphy

That right there gives you the ability to customize text, fonts and animation easily. If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your slideshow this is the best way to go. Naturally, the pro version has more features but that’s not to say the free version is lacking in the animation department.

Ability To Create 30 Minute Mini Movies

Fancy creating a mini-movie to accompany your slideshow? Want it in HD?

This is the app for you! You can string together a series of video footage saved in your phone and crop or trim it so it fits your timeline. You also have access to an excellent variety of effects to make your videos even more interesting. The best thing about this app is that you can publish high resolution videos for everyone to appreciate.


There’s A Steep Learning Curve Involved

For an app that has a wide range of options and useable features, it’s only natural that there’s going to be a steep learning curve involved.

Customizable Watermark

A watermark is a watermark. Even if it’s customizable it will still scream amateur if you have that on your videos.

You can have this removed if you get the pro version.

Limited Music Selection

Sometimes you just want music to accompany your slideshow. Too bad there’s a limited selection available for this app.

This App Is Easier To Use On A Tablet Or On Larger Screens

Any slideshow creator would prefer using a desktop over a mobile phone to create their project. This is simply because the large real estate on the screen allows for more attention to detail.

Squinting while creating a slideshow is not an ideal setting. This is true for most of the apps we’ve included in this list.

How Much Does It Cost?

PicPlayPost has both free and paid versions. You can also pay for it monthly, annually or make a one-time purchase. 

PicPlayPost has a 14-day free trial period if you choose to get the pro version. After the trial period is over it will cost you $6.99 per month. To maximize your savings, you can pay $47.99 per year or make a one-time purchase for $99.99.

Is It Worth It?

Judging by the amount of features this app has included, that price point is totally justified. So, whether you get it for free, on a monthly, annual or one-time purchase, you know you’re getting the right amount of bang for your buck.


KineMaster is best known as a video editor. That’s where it truly excels. What most people don’t know is that those video editing features that everyone loves can be just as effective for making slideshows.

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: KineMaster


You Can Set The Duration For Each Photo

One of the things that most photo slideshow apps neglect to include is the ability to control the length of time a certain photo appears onscreen. Using the video editing controls, you can slow the speed down to 1/8th of the original therefore lengthening its screen time.

You can also just add multiple copies of the same image in the sequence. Your viewers simply see the same image over and over again without knowing that they’re looking at several photos instead of just one multiplied across the timeline.

Color Adjustment

One way to make a photo slideshow look more uniform is ensuring you do color correction to reduce noticeable differences the original photos have against each other. This can be attributed to taking photos in uncontrolled environments. What happens is some colors may seem to pop more than the others.

When set against another photo in a sequential set, these differences can become very noticeable to your viewers and distract them from the storyline you’re trying to convey.

KineMaster helps you correct that by adding in color filter options, the ability to control the gain, gamma, highlights, hue, lift, temperature, and vibrancy of your slideshow to make it more even.


Large Watermark Can Only Be Removed When You Purchase The Pro Version

Most users are irked by the fact that a large watermark exists on their videos. Some would argue that these apps shouldn’t advertise too much and that if they’re really that good, allow people from all walks of life to sing their praises instead.

That’s the only thing that bugs us about this app.

How Much Does It Cost?

In-app purchases range from $0.99 and up. These in-app purchases are for removing the watermark or for getting the full version.

Is It Worth It?

KineMaster is definitely worth getting if not for the slideshow making abilities but also for the over the top video editing capabilities.


Are you an Android user? Well, Dayframe is specifically for the Android user. But not just any user, you need to have a level of technical know-how to work with this app. Needless to say, this isn’t for beginners.

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: DayFrame


Can Be Used Offline

Most apps these days require you to be connected while creating videos, editing photos or coming up with a slideshow presentation. Dayframe allows you to do all of that offline. This will definitely help extend your batteries’ life. And that’s why DayFrame is one of our top entries in this ultimate list of the best slideshow apps of 2020.

And because you don’t need to be online to do anything, you can theoretically be in the middle of nowhere and not have to worry about the ability to work on your photos, videos, and images.

Excellent Photo Quality

For a free app, Dayframe produces high quality photos that your viewers are going to enjoy. And high resolution pictures are always a delight to see.

Sharing Is Caring And Dayframe Makes It Really Simple For Social Media Posting Purposes

One thing that makes Dayframe stand out is how easy it is to pull in all of the images you have on your DropBox, Facebook, Flickr, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and other photo storage accounts you have.

You can also cast your photos on TV using Chromecast. You can assign a music playlist to play alongside your slideshow presentation and schedule the display to dim using the built-in timer. It also displays the weather if you need that up there.

Highly Interactive User Interface

Like we’ve already mentioned, you need something that’s easy to use. Dayframe, once you’ve gotten the hang of how to manipulate it is a very easy tool to use for creating awesome slideshows. All you need to do is select the photos you want included in your slideshow presentation and watch it go through the process without any further input from you.


You’ll Need An Extra Battery Or At Least Make Slideshows While Charging It

Dayframe is very labor intensive for your mobile device’ processor. This leads to quick battery depletion. You’ll either have to bring a backup battery or plug your phone into a charging socket or a power bank while creating your slideshows.

Definitely Not For Beginners

If we haven’t stressed it enough at this point, let me say it again: this is not for beginners.

There’s a very steep learning curve associated with Dayframe. If you’re not experienced in creating slideshows on a mobile app, our best advice is for you to try something that’s simpler and easier to understand.

To put it bluntly, the interface on this app is a little bit complicated. You’re more likely to waste a lot of time trying to navigate through the different menus and features than complete your slideshow on time.

Beware, the continued usage of the Dayframe app might lead to frustration and ultimately quitting the project halfway through completion.

This app is definitely designed for more experienced slideshow creators in mind.

How Much Does It Cost?

The only redeeming value this app has for beginners is that it’s free. For experienced users, this is absolutely great news especially given the fact that it’s a really great app for creating slideshows, videos, and photos.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re an expert in creating slideshows or using apps just like this, then this is the one for you. Steer clear if you’re a newbie and have plans to make slideshow creation a career path.


Are you sho’ you want mo’?


The next one on this ultimate list of best slideshow apps of 2020 is MoShow.

If you want to show mo’, this is the one fo’ sho’.

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: MoShow

Alright, enough of that. MoShow is great for posting Instagram photo slideshows. It’s available for both iOS and Android users and users are delighted to see their pics come to life with music when they use this.

You can choose to use the standard square format for sequential images or use the vertical format for Instagram stories. What’d we tell you? This one is definitely targeted at the Instagram market which is currently scrambling to produce as much content as possible for their followers.


Best For Instagram

Like we already mentioned, this app is optimized for Instagram. It automatically sets your photos to the square format so there’s no need for cropping to size. You can also switch to the vertical mode to make more compelling Instagram stories.


The Free Version Limits Your Slideshows And Stories To Just A Few Seconds

If you can fit in enough photos to produce a 30 second slideshow or 11 second Instagram story then you won’t have a problem. If you want to extend that duration, you’ll have to get the pro version which is relatively easy on the pocket.

Overall, this will be tricky to use without investing in the pro version.

How Much Does It Cost?

The full MoShow app costs $5.99 a month or $35.99 a year.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re a heavy Instagram user, this is the app you should get. Other than that, skip it. And if you want to sho’ mo’ this is the app you should get fo’ sho’!

Sorry, couldn’t help it.


Are you a pro? Well then, don’t waste your time on the others on this list and just go ahead and get the Movavi app.

Movavi is available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android users. That in itself should explain why we’ve added it to our list of the best slideshow apps of 2020.

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: Movavi

You will need a lot of processing power to handle this app. Just be reminded though that there’s a still going to be a steep learning curve even for those who are already proficient with apps just like this.

As a photo slideshow app, Movavi is more than capable of stringing together your photos and presenting them in a sequential manner. You can combine photos and videos from your gallery, add a few transition effects, choose some background music and voila!

Don’t have any music saved in your device? Easy. You can create your own. It’s also a Digital Audio Workstation.


Available For Android, iOS, PC, and Mac

How many apps do you know are available for all types of devices? Not too many right? And that’s why Movavi is in this list of the best slideshow apps of 2020.

Definitely Designed With The Professional User In Mind

While most apps are targeted at giving access to regular people, Movavi is designed for the more experienced lot.

Although the user interface is clean and simple, the underlying functions found in the various menus are not. This is the ultimate tool for those who want to create professional level videos, audio files, and photo slideshows.

Versatile Tool For Audio, Photo, And Video Editing

Movavi allows you to edit your video like a professional. That’s applicable on all devices you decide to edit your videos with. That opens up a whole world of possibilities depending on the processing power of the device you are using. Not only that, you can also save your projects in different video formats depending on your mood.

Needless to say, these high quality videos can then be shared easily on all social media and video sharing sites.

You can also work with audio by recording directly what’s on your screen and saving it in different formats. You can also add this to the video you created. Recording is easy and is applicable even for calls and other real-time activities on your phone, tablet or workstation.

Photos? No problem. You can digitally manipulate photos to your heart’s content. Custom captioning is also another feature you might want to add to your slideshows to make it more interesting.


Can Be Intimidating For Newbies

Just remember, we told you this wasn’t for beginners. This is an extremely powerful tool that professionals will find more useful to use.

Still, if you’re inclined to give it a try, get ready for a very steep learning curve ahead. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually get it. If you don’t let yourself get too intimidated by how complex the system is, you could come out a pro.

Glitches Can Happen On Some Systems

Unfortunately, glitches do happen even to our selections included in the best slideshow apps of 2020.

Movavi isn’t immune to that. You need a device that can handle the complex operations happening in the background. This app also requires a lot of processing power. You will need a device that can handle that to minimize glitches from occurring in the first place.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you want to move up from the free version, the premium options start at $59.95.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking for an app that makes you look like a pro, then this is it. Think about it, you’re not limited to your mobile devices to use this. You can go on ahead and use a PC or a Mac for a more comfortable experience working on your projects.

Photo Slideshow Director Pro

The name says it all.

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: Photo Slideshow Director Pro
Photo Slideshow Director Pro





Put all four together and you have a name fit for a highly specialized app that’s made for directing and creating photo slideshows easily.

But does it live up to the name?

If you’re only creating short videos of photos in a slideshow with some background music on it, then you’ve got yourself a pretty powerful tool. Other than that, there’s pretty much not a lot you can do with this app.

What makes this a totally great app is how professional looking your projects will look in HD once you publish it. And that’s why it’s one of the best slideshow apps of 2020.


It’s a Highly Specialized App Designed To Make Professional Looking Photo Slideshows

Photo Slideshow Director Pro definitely lives up to its name as a professional quality photo slideshow maker.


There’s Not Much Else You Can Do Other Than Making Great Photo Slideshows

You need a professional quality photo slideshow creator right? Well, you got it. There’s not much else beyond that.

This App Crashes When Using Photos Taken With An iOS10 Camera

Unfortunately, this app crashes when using photos taken with an iOS10 camera. Don’t worry, fixes are currently being rolled out to deal with the issue.

How Much Does It Cost?

This app costs $3.99. At that price point, it might as well be free. For a professional level app, it is relatively cheap and that’s never a bad thing.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking for a powerful app to create professional quality photo slideshows, this is the one for you. The price attached to it isn’t bad too.


Want to make simple slideshows of just your pictures? Don’t want to dive into complicated settings and features? Get PicFlow.

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: PicFlow

PicFlow lets you edit photos easily before dragging and dropping it into your slideshow’s timeline. It’s simplicity is one of the main reasons why we’ve included it into our best slideshow apps of 2020 list.


Simple And Easy To Use

Drag. Drop. Adjust.

That’s basically it.




Don’t Expect A High Frame Rate

You’re limited to 30 FPS. That’s the most you can wring out from this app.

How Much Does It Cost?

In-app purchases range from $0.99 for watermark removal. To purchase the full version, you’ll need to spend $2.99.

Is It Worth It?

Yes. If you’re an iOS user who just wants to create slideshows of pictures and leave the complicated stuff to professionals.

Scoompa Video

Want more customization features? Want to impress your family and friends with awesome photo slideshows and short videos?

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: Scoompa Video
Scoompa Video

Scoompa Video is an easy to navigate app that has a highly intuitive interface allowing you to do a lot of things with this very simple tool. But don’t let its seeming simplicity fool you. Underneath that clean façade is a whole slew of customization options that turn your photos and videos into awesome presentations.

This is the perfect choice for users who want something nice and easy to create their projects with in the shortest time possible with stunning results.


Most User-Friendly In This Bunch

Scoompa Video prides itself with how easy you can create photo slideshows on your Android device. This app has an intuitive user interface that lets you import saved photos into highly customizable slideshows.

Once your photos are set, you can proceed to adding stickers, transitions, texts, whatever you think fits well with the idea you have in your mind. You have access to hundreds of designs and whatever it is you need is bound to be there.

Doubles As A Video Maker

Aside from slideshows, you can create short videos with this app doubling your potential for creating something awesome for your audience to entertain themselves with.

Add Your Music Easily To Your Slideshow

Thinking of creating a simple music video with your photo slideshow? Well, one way to do that is to add your own music.

Excellent Post-Video Customization Options

Thinking about updating that video you just made after you’ve published? Well, you can still edit your video with Scoompa Video.


Limited Slideshow Sharing

You can only share up to a minute and a half long slideshow. Now, for some people, that’s just not enough time to show off just how much fun they had on their recent vacation through the pics they took.

You Can’t Save Your Video Projects If You’ve Only Got The Free Version

You can make a video and edit it to your heart’s content but saving it is a different story. You can only do it if you have the paid version of the Scoompa Video app.

Watermarks On The Free Version Can Be Annoying

Ah, watermarks. Some people learn to live with it, some don’t. If you belong to the former, then that’s a good thing, but if watermarks bug you, then you’ll have to pay up to erase it.

How Much Does It Cost?

Scoompa Video has in-app products you can buy ranging from $0.99 to $11.99 per item.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re an Android user looking for more features on a free app, this is the one for you. But, if you’re someone who’s easily bothered by limited options on free versions, you might want to get the paid version. There are better apps on this list that more than make up for Scoompa Video’s shortcomings.

Slide Maker

An app that has the word slide in it is obviously for making slideshows, right? Right!

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: Slide Maker
Slide Maker

And this app can truly hold its own against all the others in this best slideshow apps of 2020 list.

For one, as a slideshow maker, having the ability to edit photos on the fly is a basic essential. The built-in photo editor this app has allows you to crop, zoom, add filters, flip, rotate, and do a lot more to your photos so they’ll sit just right in the mix.

There’s also a ready set list of royalty-free music that you can use just in case you don’t have any ready to upload.

Lastly, you can easily upload your videos and slideshows to Instagram and other social media and tube sites.


You Only Need Five Steps To Create Stunning Photo Slideshows And Share It Online

Choose your photos and arrange it according to how you want it queued in your timeline. Edit the photos so the transitions look seamless. Add transitions. Add music. Publish.

That’s all you really need to do to create awesome photo slideshows with Slide Maker.

Versatile Photo Editor

You have two options when uploading your photos to this app. You can leave it as is or edit it to your heart’s content. It automatically uploads in square format which is perfect for social media purposes. Once uploaded, you can crop, zoom, rotate or flip it according to how you want to present it.

Offers More Musical Options

Photo slideshows work best when there’s music involved. Slide Maker offers free music that you can use if you don’t have any that you’d prefer uploading yourself. You can also assign the starting point of your track anywhere on your slideshow’s timeline.


Only Available On iOS Devices

Slide Maker is a totally awesome app that should be available for everyone. The sad thing is, it’s only available for iOS devices.

That’s the only bad thing we can think about with this app.

How Much Does It Cost?

The pro version costs $4.99.

Is It Worth It?

Yes. It’s easy to create stunning photo slideshows with this app. And the ability to freely manipulate music is a definite plus.


Are you an iOS user? Then SlideLab may be the best slideshow app for you.

SlideLab is the best slideshow app for iOS users.

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: SlideLab

Since it’s only developed for iOS, you know that there’s a dedicated team behind it making sure that it is optimized at all times to perform for a specific market niche.

Take note: SlideLab is only available for iOS and isn’t

But, that’s not to say Android doesn’t have an answer for that.


SlideLab Is Instagram Friendly

SlideLab uses square-format images. This makes it a perfect app for making slideshows perfectly suited for Instagram users.

Photo Editing Is Very Easy

All you need to do is drag and drop your photo and the app will basically do most of the job. Cropping pics? No need, there’s a template for that.

Need filters? There are lots on board. Much more if you have the pro version. Music? Not a problem.

Sharing On Social Media Is Easy

You can easily share your content to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with little effort. This app is optimized to make the sharing process on all social media platforms mentioned as easy as swiping left or right.


The Free Version Is Very Limited

There’s absolutely no reason to stay with the free version of this app. The pro version is very well priced and should be attractive to the regular user who doesn’t want to make too big of an investment.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you want more features, you’ll have to upgrade to the pro version. This will set you back an initial investment of $4.99 which isn’t a bad trade-off for getting full access.

Other in-app purchases that you can make include unlocking transitions, movements, and removing the watermark. All of these cost $1.99 each.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re an iOS user, getting the pro version of the SlideLab app is a really good investment.

SlideShow Lab

SlideShow Lab is an iOS app that’s very easy to use and is in fact one of the best slideshow apps of 2020 to start with for beginners.

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: SlideShow Lab
SlideShow Lab


Best For Beginners

The preset themes are easy to use. If you want an easy to use app, this is the one you can start learning on. This app seeks to help beginners out by offering many templates. No matter what the occasion is, SlideShow Lab has an appropriate template for it.


Not Optimized For Android Devices

You won’t have a problem with this app if you’re using an iOS device. If you’re using an Android device, well, good luck with that.

Limited Upload And Post Upload Customization Opportunities

You can only upload 12 photos per slideshow, and you can’t edit the images once they have been uploaded.

You Will Need To Download Your Project Before You Can Post It On Social Media

You also can’t upload your own music or post your slideshow directly to social media; it has to be downloaded to your device first.

You Can’t Use Your Own Music

Well, you can’t have it all. But, you can still use the stock music the app provides if you really want some music as a background to your slideshows.

How Much Does It Cost?

Do you hate ads? Well, you can remove it by shelling out just $1.99 otherwise, you’ll have to live with the ads that pop up at inopportune moments. That’s usually when you’re on a roll with creating your slideshow.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re a beginner, this is the app for you. This will help you have a good grasp on slideshow creation. As your skills improve, you might want to start looking for better apps out there.

Vigo Video

Want to show off your slideshow creation skills? Well this is the best Community for sharing video clips and slideshows.

Vigo Video
Vigo Video

Just like most of the apps we’ve included in this list of the best slideshow apps of 2020, Vigo Video is a complete package with video and photo editing features included.


The Support You Get From Your Peers Is Priceless

There’s nothing better than getting that feeling of appreciation and admiration from your peers when you show them an accomplishment that you’re proud of.

You Can Earn Money From Your Videos

How’d you like to earn money just by making short videos? Well, now you can with the Vigo Video app and community. The basic rule is to make original videos and collect as many flames (the equivalent of Facebook likes in this community) and watch your earnings grow every day! It’s that simple.


Videos are limited to just 15 seconds.

So you’ll need to tell your story as quickly as you can and in the most efficient manner.

How Much Does It Cost?

In-app purchases range from $0.99 and up per item.

Is It Worth It?

Totally worth it if you’re looking for a way to earn money while making videos.


This app is available for both iOS and Android.

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: VivaVideo
Viva Video

There’s a reason why VivaVideo is one of the most popular apps in the market today. It’s easy to use, has a whole slew of special features, and it’s virtually free. You won’t even feel a thing when you shell money out to pay for the pro version.

Aside from videos, you can also use this app to create picture slideshows.

But what’s it best selling point aside from how easy it is to use and its attached price tag?

Well, if you’re looking for a legit source of special effects, then VivaVideo is for you. Once you have the pro version in your hands, you’ll never want to look for another video app again. You have 60 effects to play with and you can switch between pro and quick mode for flexibility or for speed.

As a slideshow maker, this app can help you create powerful mini-movies that you can share you’re your family and friends complete with sound effects, music, text, pictures, and whatever else you’re in the mood for.


Very Easy To Use

If there’s one thing that really sells an app is how easy it is to use. VivaVideo is one of those apps that you can download, check the basic instructions, and start making professional videos within minutes!

This App Is Virtually Free Even If You Pay For The Pro Version

You might as well buy the pro version immediately since it’s almost free anyway.


There’s A Very Large Watermark On The Free Version

There’s a large, intrusive watermark on your videos if you only have the free version. Uploading those projects with the watermark on it screams “amateur” every time. So if you want to make your presentations more professional looking, you’ll have to get the pro version.

Your Slideshows Need To Be Short On The Free Version

This isn’t really a bad thing if you think about it. We did discuss the merits of keeping your slideshows short and simple right? The only bad thing about VivaVideo is it puts a limit to just five minutes to your slideshow’s length. If you’re comfortable with that, then you don’t need the pro version.

How Much Does It Cost?

The pro version of this app costs a measly $2.99.

Is It Worth It?

Most of the videos you see out on YouTube by amateurs starting out where either made on VivaVideo or KineMaster.

So yeah, it’s totally worth it.

Before We Introduce Our Ultimate Contender

Before we introduce our ultimate contender, try to think about what you need a slideshow app for. Most of the apps we’ve mentioned have secondary or tertiary features aside from the basic slideshow functionality you need.

You also need to consider the technical support available for the app you want to use. Does it have a robust infrastructure? Does it have a team of engineers constantly tweaking, upgrading, and improving the app to minimize any unfortunate crashes?

As a slideshow creator, does it do what it’s supposed to do easily and with professional-looking results? Do the other functionalities that come with it complement the app? Does it increase your productivity? How does it look when you magnify it through the projector? Are the texts and images clear?

How easy is it to use? Does it give you more pleasure or headache to use it? Is the learning curve steep? Can you navigate through the menus with little to no problem? Is there an online tutorial or helpful hints section? Is the interface clean and simple?

Mini Projector, Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector 1080p Supported HD DLP LED Rechargeable Pico...
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Mini Projector, Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector 1080p Supported HD DLP LED Rechargeable Pico...
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Mini Projector, Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector 1080p Supported HD DLP LED Rechargeable Pico...
Mini Projector, Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector 1080p Supported HD DLP LED Rechargeable Pico...
Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector - HD 1080p Support LED DLP Rechargeable Pico Projector - 100"...
Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector - HD 1080p Support LED DLP Rechargeable Pico Projector - 100"...

Lastly, do you enjoy using the app?

These are things to consider before you hit that download or buy now button.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the long-awaited entry into our list. This is our ultimate contender for the top spot in our ultimate list of the best slideshow apps of 2020.

Ladies and gentlemen, the zShot app.


So, why is the zShot app our top bet in this best slideshow apps of 2020? What does it offer that is better than all the rest?

Best Slideshow Apps of 2020 Entry: zShot App
zShot App

The zShot app is a relatively new offer on the market that serves both Android and iOS users.

The zShot app also has a robust system making it reliable at all times. There is a team of top-notch developers and engineers constantly tweaking and upgrading the system to keep it updated.


It Excels The Most As A Slideshow Maker

First and foremost, the zShot app is a slideshow maker that can hold its own against all the others included in this best slideshow apps of 2020.

You can create professional slides whether you need it for work or for personal use.

And that’s why this app is our best bet.

It’s Totally Free

The zShot app is totally free. ‘nuff said.

It’s Also A Nifty Video Editor

This is where the zShot app excels the most. As a video editor, it is par excellence. Now you can use just one tool to create slideshows and videos with. Pretty nifty, eh?

Need A Photo Editor? You Can Check That Off Your List When You Have The zShot App

The zShot app is also a really good photo editor with a whole truckload of features to give that extra oomph to your pretty pictures.

Like the videos that you can produce using this app, you can also attach your photos to the slideshows you create.

Here’s The Kicker: It’s Also A Document Scanner!

Last but not least, the zShot app is also a document scanner which can come in handy when you make slideshows. With the ability to scan entire documents, you can attach these to your slideshows as reference points.

At the end of the day, all of the documents you scanned can be printed and handed out as hard copies for your audience to take home and study.


This App Is Relatively New To The Market

There’s a downside to being the new kid on the block. Not everyone knows you. You still have to build a reputation.

That’s what zShot is at the moment. Most people don’t know about what a total gem this nifty app is.

Be one of the early adapters and you can watch this app grow in social stature from a relative unknown to one of the most well-loved apps in the future. Who knows, the zShot app may appear next as the future winner of the best slideshow apps of 2020 and beyond.

How Much Does It Cost?

The zShot app is absolutely free.

Is It Worth It?

Yes. It’s our top contender for the best slideshow apps of 2020. It has a rich array of functionality and it’s free. What else can you ask for?

In Conclusion:

Well, there you have it. These are the best slideshow apps of 2020 that you can download for free.

Now, to be clear, all of the apps listed have a free version. The free versions often have the features you need to start creating amazing slideshows.

Sadly, not all things are free. You also get what you pay for. So, if you want to unlock the premium features of the best slideshow apps of 2020, you will have to pull your wallet out and shell out some money. The prices differ across the board.

When you have the paid version, watermarks, photo limits, storage limits, and other pesky things are removed.

And don’t worry, these companies won’t compel you to pay up to keep using their app. You can use the free version for as long as your heart desires.

Related Questions:

Won’t A Video Presentation Be A Better Alternative?

A video presentation has advantages and disadvantages over a slideshow presentation. For starters, videos are as good as the effort you put into it. So, if you want to produce high-quality videos, you’ll have to invest time and money for equipment, locations, actors, and others to make it look good. You’ll also need to shell out some more money for editing if you don’t have the skills to do it yourself.

Should I Provide Hard Copies Of My Slideshow To My Audience?

Yes, after the presentation is done. You want their full attention on you. The hardcopy should serve as a review material that they can take with them just in case they still have questions. If you’re slideshow is all about photos, you can print those out too and hand them out as personalized souvenirs.

I’m Nervous. How Do I Prepare For My Presentation?

Feeling nervous is normal. Even the most experienced public speakers still experience butterflies in their stomachs minutes before they get up onstage. One good way to prepare is to meditate. Breathing exercises also help.

If you’re not wearing makeup or a restrictive suit, some light exercises can quickly relax you. Find a routine that relaxes you or puts you at ease and do that before hitting the stage.

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