5 iPhone photography courses you might want to take

5 iPhone photography courses you might want to take

Are iPhone photography courses worth it?

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We’d like to think so. In fact, we can suggest five iPhone photography courses that you should take. In this post, we discussed why you should enroll in them. 

5 iPhone photography courses you should consider

There are plenty of online iPhone photography courses today. However, these five courses particularly cover topics that will help you capture better photos and post-process them into perfection. 

Moreover, we know iPhone models are always changing, but these courses train you with the basics and important approaches in taking photos using an iPhone. Those, in turn, will help you take impressive photos whichever iPhone model or iOS camera app you use. 

iPhone Photo Academy

Why you should enroll

iPhone Photo Academy is one of the best iPhone photography courses for beginners. It even works better if you have no prior experience or background in DSLR photography. That’s because this course teaches the basics of photography but with the use of an iPhone. So, if you’re planning to graduate to DSLR photography after iPhone photography, you can start with this course. 

What you might love about this course

You might appreciate that it teaches the most basic but crucial parts of iPhone photography. For example, it will teach you how to quickly open your native camera app, how to hold your iPhone, and how to tweak focus and exposure.

Mastering those things are essential in iPhone photography but they are unfortunately overlooked. When you master those, you will take interesting shots without relying too much on equipment or post-processing apps. 

You can sign up here

Lightroom Editing Mastery

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Why you should enroll

Have you been practicing your craft but still don’t get the recognition you’re expecting? Are your photos getting, err, just three to five likes on Instagram? If you’re tired of not making impressions, well, you might want to enroll in this course by Mark Hemmings. 

This is one of those iPhone photography courses for people who want to take their photos to the next level. You will want to enroll in this course if you want to be efficient in photo editing with the help of Lightroom. It will help you reach that quality all the seasoned photographers have in their pictures.

What you might love about this course

We like how Mark Hemmings proposes to teach the importance of post-processing in photography. Oftentimes, newbies and amateurs are so hung up on taking pride in not “editing” because that’s what the masters are preaching. But here’s the truth: professional photographers take photo editing seriously. And the topics in this course seem to encapsulate that truth. 

So, if you want that extra “oomph” you see in magazine spreads and covers, learn how to use Lightroom. In this course, you might like learning about minimizing noise and haze, removing blemishes on your subjects, and whipping up your own Lightroom presets.  

You can learn more about the course here.

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iPhone Photography course by Dale McManus 

Why you should enroll

You may wonder: are there any mobile photographer jobs? How can you make money with your iPhone photos? Well, if you want to boost your skills, this is one of the iPhone photography courses you could try taking. This Udemy course by Dale McManus might help if you want to emulate the professional quality of studio photos. It might also help you if you’re serious about planning to build a photography business. 

What you might love about this course

We like that Dale McManus believes that photography is more about the knowledge and not just the gears. And that reflects in the course’s contents. Besides being more affordable than the previous two, this course covers both basic and unique topics. 

We think you will love how he teaches shot composition, tweaking the right settings in our iPhone camera, and capturing depth in a photo. You might now want to miss the topic of how the best photographers in the field are revered for their ability to tell stories in pictures. That, we believe, is the mark of true talent in photography.

You can sign up here.

iPhone X course by CreativeLive 

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Why you should enroll

You might want to enroll in this course if you’re intimidated by your iPhone camera. The iPhone X is one of the most advanced models in the iPhone line. So, you will need a course like this one to “tame” such a beast. Additionally, if you have prior experience in mobile photography but would like to gain more knowledge about lighting, this course might please you. 

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What you might love about this course

Besides tips on taking photos and using the iPhone X camera, you might like how this course also teaches post-processing photos. In the full description, it didn’t really specify what software it will use, but knowing about the basics regardless of the editing app will already give you a lot of great foundation for having editing savvy. 

Plus it teaches the proper use of 4K and slo-mo video. You might also love learning about the relatively newer features such as the dual optical image stabilization, the lighting modes, and the portrait mode. 

You can sign up here.

Mobile + iPhone Photography Class

Why you should enroll

If you want to train under a certified expert, this might be the course for you. This is a broad-spectrum mobile photography course by Sean Duggan, a certified Adobe Photoshop Expert. It covers Android and iOS photography, but don’t mistake the topics for being general. You should enroll in this if you want a comprehensive 101 on tools such as clip-on lenses, gimbals, tripods, etc. 

What you might love about this course

We’re guessing that the stabilization and time-lapse techniques in this course will delight you. However, you might be more interested in how Sean teaches you to use mobile photography technology. Using add on devices such as lenses might appear a no-brainer, but that’s not true. You will learn that there are certain techniques and practices that bring out their true functions. 

This course is available on LinkedIn Learning.

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These five iPhone photography courses may have a few topics that overlap; however, each has a unique approach to learning iPhone photography for every kind of iPhonetographer.  

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