How to take hands-free selfies on iPhone camera

How to take hands-free selfies on iPhone camera

Taking hands-free selfies on your iPhone is not that hard. You just have to use Siri, a tripod, or a remote shutter button. 

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Taking selfies is not that complicated. On the other hand, taking a presentable selfie for social media can be a mountain to climb. Sometimes, you will need to take twenty photos before you get a decent one… After those reshoots, your arms will feel sore like you’re having delayed onset muscle syndrome (DOMS). 

Avoid that scenario by following these four tips on taking hands-free selfies on your iPhone: 

How to take hands-free selfies on your iPhone

You don’t always have to tap on that shutter button. Just ask Siri or invest in iPhone camera accessories!

Ask Siri to take your selfie for you. – 100% hands-free

Yes, besides answering your silliest questions, you can also ask Siri to take hands-free selfies for you. All you need to do is tweak your voice command settings. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to Accessibility and tap it. 
  3. Tap Voice Control.
  4. Toggle the Voice Control button. 
  5. At the top of the screen, right beside your clock, you will see a blue mic button. That means Siri can now listen to your voice commands. Even if your iPhone is asleep, it will wake up once you say “Hi, Siri.”
  6. To take a selfie, call Siri by saying “Hi, Siri,” or simply tap on the camera app. 
  7. Next, Siri will ask how she can help you. Tell her, “Take a selfie” or “Take a square selfie.” 
  8. Siri will open the front camera. Now, to capture a selfie, say, “Turn down volume.”
  9. This will capture the selfie and save it in your gallery. 

The Voice Control in iOS 13 allows you to do more hand-free tasks with your iPhone camera. When you switch Voice Control on, you don’t need to call Siri. You can command your iPhone using your voice. Here are the other voice commands for your iPhone camera: 

  • Cheese.
  • Take a picture or take a photo.
  • Take a video.
  • Show grid.
  • Take a slo-mo video.
  • Take a square picture. 
  • Zoom in.
  • Take a panoramic picture.
  • Take a screenshot.

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Use a tripod and set a timer. – 100% hands-free

You can find plenty of iPhone tripods today that will help you take interesting selfies. Of course, a tripod works hand-in-hand with your iPhone camera’s timer. So, you should learn how to use that as well. 

How to choose a tripod for selfies

To take hands-free selfies on your iPhone effectively, choose the right tripod. Here are some tips.

  • Tripod and selfie stick in one. First, we suggest you consider choosing a tripod and a selfie stick in one. Having a device with just one purpose isn’t just practical, especially if you want to diversify your angles. If you can’t find a tripod with a double purpose, at least try to find a tripod and a selfie in a set.
  • Remote shutter button. Next, find a set that includes a remote shutter button. It’s always safer to have a remote and not totally rely on your iPhone camera’s timer. You will rarely find a set that includes a remote shutter button, a selfie stick, and a tripod, but if you find one, don’t waste time and check it out. 
  • Gorilla tripod Vs traditional tripod. A gorilla tripod can grip on any surface or fixture (ex. Door handles, tree branches, hand railings, thin metal pipes, etc.). If you change locations for your selfies or videos from time to time, you can choose a gorilla tripod. If you just like taking selfies at the office or at home, a traditional tripod will do fine. 

How to take hands-free selfies on iPhone with a tripod and a timer

  1. Position your tripod in a non-slippery area. Make sure there is enough space behind the tripod in case you want to take a photo using the rear camera. You will need to check the photo from time to time, so you should set space there.
  2. If you’re using a gorilla tripod and can’t see any desk or table for support, you can wrap its “tendrils” around anything sturdy. 
  3. Now, secure your iPhone into the adapter.
  4. Tilt it into a portrait position.
  5. Open your camera. 
  6. Switch to the front camera. 
  7. Tap the clock-shaped button at the top of your screen to set the timer. If you own an iPhone 11 or a later model, tap the arrow at the top of your screen to access the self-timer. You can also access it by swiping up the area above the shutter button. 
  8. Above the shutter button, tap the timer button. 
  9. Choose your preferred duration. If you’re taking a wide-angle selfie, tap 10s so that you can adjust your pose better. 
  10. Wait for the camera to capture your selfie. 

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Use a remote shutter button. – Not totally hands-free.

If you don’t like using a tripod with your camera’s timer, then you can instead use a remote shutter with a tripod. The remote shutter will connect to your camera via the Bluetooth, which will allow you to take hands-free selfies on your iPhone. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Position your tripod in a clean area. 
  2. Unlock your iPhone. Go to Settings. 
  3. Tap on Bluetooth and toggle it. 
  4. Turn on your remote shutter button. Next, wait until it pairs with your iPhone’s Bluetooth.
  5. Did they successfully pair now? Exit the Settings app and open your camera. 
  6. Now, secure your iPhone into the tripod’s iPhone adapter.
  7. Start taking hands-free selfies on your iPhone now!

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Install hand gesture or voice-command camera apps. – 100% hands-free

These apps can let you take hands-free selfies using different hand gestures and voice commands. 

GoCam by Crunchfish

GoCam lets you take hands-free selfies using hand gestures only. You can take selfies by holding up your palm. This lets your iPhone camera detect your gesture and capture the photo. Gesturing a peace sign will also let it take quick snapshots. To discard a photo, you can close your hand into a fist. 

Hey Camera

You can use Hey Camera to take hands-free selfies and videos. It follows the same commands for Siri. So, you can say, “Take a selfie,” or “Take a photo” and it will gladly take the selfie or photo for you. 


Your forearms can rest now. You don’t always have to use your hands to take selfies. Taking hands-free selfies is now easier with Siri’s voice command updates, voice-activated camera apps, and flexible gorilla tripods.

Related questions 

What’s the hand gesture to take hands-free selfies on iPhone?

You can’t capture with just using the hand gesture on the native iOS camera. You can, however, install the GoCam app and take a selfie by holding up your palm to the camera. You can also hold up a peace sign with your hand to take hands-free selfies immediately. 

What is the most flattering filter on iPhone?

The most flattering filters on the native iOS camera app are the Studio Light and Contour Light. Studio Light will brighten your face, while Contour Light will refine and define your features.