Best iPhone filmmaking lighting: Our top 9 picks

Best iPhone filmmaking lighting: Our top 9 picks

Apple has pushed the boundaries of smartphone filmmaking. In fact, experts have been calling the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 13mm Ultra Wide Angle a bona fide film camera. With this kind of handy but powerful device, you will also need the best lighting to record cinematic pictures. In this guide, we listed the best iPhone filmmaking lighting you can buy today. 

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Best iPhone filmmaking lighting: Our top 9 picks

Whether you’re filming a mini-movie, recording a vlog, or recording a music video, these lights and light kits won’t let you down. The products below range from rigs with lights to professional studio LED lights. 


LUMIMUSE 8 LED Light and Accessories - Black
  • Round catch light rather than a square, ideal for portraits
  • Dimmable SMT Technology with a 95% CRI

The LUMIMUSE 8 is a portable, dimmable LED light. It’s available in 3 LED, 6 LED, 8 LED, and 8 LED with Bluetooth. Its catchlight is shaped like a circle instead of a square, making it ideal for selfies, portrait photos, or vlogs. It also comes with a USB socket, a rechargeable battery, interchangeable filters, and a mini tripod. You can attach it to a tripod using its hot shoe mount. 

Meanwhile, the light quality of this camera is also commendable, but it’s not that optimal. It has a Lux output of 500, which is great for close-up scenes and medium shots in a moderately lit room. Still, if you’re looking for a quick, handy secondary light source in filmmaking, this would be a great addition to your iPhone video lighting kit.

2. PULUZ Smartphone Video Rig Kit

Smartphone Video Rig Kit, PULUZ Smartphone Video Grip with Microphone + Video Light + Cold Shoe...
  • Filmmaker Phone rig: equipped with 3 cold shoe mounts to attach microphones, video lights and tripod...
  • Studio Light: Support lithium battery power input or 4 x AA batteries (lithium battery nor AA...

PULUZ is a complete video rig kit for your iPhone, but each of the component’s quality is not compromised. It has a filmmaker phone rig, an attached studio light, a 3.5mm microphone with cables for a camera or an iPhone, a mini tripod, and a cold shoe head. Users love this kit for coming with adapters good for rotation and tilting. 

The LED light, meanwhile, has an excellent quality of brightness, which will even work better in rooms with morning ambient lighting. You can also adjust the brightness from white to warm using the knob at the side.

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3. Movo SmartCine Kit

Movo SmartCine Complete Smartphone Video Rig with Built-in Stereo Microphone, LED Light, Wide-Angle...
  • ALL-IN-ONE SMARTPHONE VIDEO KIT: Features a universal phone rig, wide-angle and fisheye lenses,...
  • SMARTPHONE RIG: Adjustable frip to fit smartphones between 2.2" - 3.8", adjustable viewfinder to...

This is another great kit for iPhone filmmaking. Movo SmartCine Kit has a rig, LED light, a top-notch stereo microphone, and even wide-angle and fish-eye lenses for your iPhone. The rig and mount are also compatible with any smartphone and tripod. It also comes with a wrist strap, so it would be ideal for travel vlogs or spontaneous filming sessions with your iPhone. 

As for the LED light, it gives you 46 lumens of light powered by a rechargeable battery. It’s powerful enough to illuminate a subject in low-light or dim-light environments such as a small dark room. The audio is also 100% crystal clear. Overall, this is a practical kit that instantly turns an iPhone into a second camera. Because of its practicality, this Movo kit is one of the best iPhone filmmaking lighting you could buy today. 

4. Movo Smartphone Video Kit

Movo Smartphone Video Kit V1 Vlogging Kit with Grip Rig, Shotgun Microphone, LED Light and Wireless...
  • ENHANCE YOUR SMARTPHONE: Compatible with smartphones 2.2" to 3.6" wide including iPhone 5, 5C, 5S,...
  • EASY TO USE: An easy to assemble smartphone rig that's perfect for on-the-go recording, filming, and...

We have here another Movo video light kit. It might sound like it’s geared for vloggers, but filmmakers and documentary makers will definitely love this kit’s practicality and LED light. It’s also modular—you can remove accessories as you wish. With that said, this kit is more than complete with a shotgun mic, a wind muff, a grip rig, and a Bluetooth remote. 

Like the previous Movo kit, this kit’s LED-30 light has long-lasting battery power and unmistakable light quality. Users also praise the mic’s clean audio. They also highlighted how the lightweight rig doesn’t feel like cheap, expendable plastic. All in all, it’s ideal for outdoor filmmakers who want a reliable and compact kit and lighting for their iPhone. That’s why it made our list of the best iPhone filmmaking lighting.

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5. VILTROX Studio Lights Kit

(3 Packs) VILTROX vl-200 Light 30W Bi-Color 3300K-5600K Studio Lights Kit with Stand,CRI 95+ Wide...
  • Kit Includes: (3)Bi-color LED Video Light with hot shoe adapter, (3)Power Adapter, (3)Power Cable,...
  • Dimmable & Energy Efficient . 3300K (Yellow )-5600K (White) Bi-color, 20%-100% brightness adjustment...

If you want professional lighting for a short film, daytime cooking vlog series, a glam shoot, or a tech review, then grab a hold of this studio lights kit. It includes three LED light panels with hot shoe mounts, a remote, and up to 75 inches of a light stand. It also comes with a free carrying bag if you travel a lot. While these LED lights come in stands, you can attach them to a tripod as well. 

The lights, meanwhile, are dimmable from a 5600K daylight down to a 3300K warm light. You can adjust the brightness from 20% way up to a sun-blinding 100% using a 2.4G remote. If you want to check the brightness setting, you can also view the LCD monitor display at the back. Besides those smart brightness features, the lights are also energy-saving, with only 192 pieces of Surface Mount Device (SMD) beads. Interestingly, these lights aren’t harsh to the eyes at all.

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6. Iwata Pro 144 LED

Iwata Pro 144 LED Bi-Color Dimmable On-Camera Led Video Light, OLED Screen, CRI97 TLCI99 Accurate...
  • 🌾|PERFECT COLOR FIDELITY|: CRI97 TLCI99 offers Natural, Pristine Color for Broadcast Video,...
  • 🌾|2600-6000K Bicolor Dimmable Led|: Adjust Brightness & Color Temperature via two separate...

The Iwata Pro 144 is a heavy-duty yet handy video light, which is why it’s one of the best iPhone filmmaking lighting you could use today. It also comes with a light diffuser, type C cable, cold shoe adapter, and two cases. Not only that, but it has an eye-candy design as well. 

The 2600-6000K bicolor Dimmable light also has an undeniable professional quality. If you need a high level of brightness, you can use its 24W turbo mode, although it only lasts for a minute and a half. As for convenience, it has convenient thumbwheels that you can adjust easily without blinding yourself. If you film for long periods, you can also rely on its long-lasting 17-hour battery power. 

7. Boling BL-P1 RGB Led Video Light

Do you have a limited area in your filming location? You can make the most out of a small area and create multiple lighting techniques in scenes using the Boling LED Video Light. With the 2500-8500k amount of light in full color and brightness, you would worry about heat, right? But this light has a temperature control protection system. It’s very convenient if you’re comfortable with changing the mood a lot on set. 

Besides that heat control feature, it also has a 360-degree bracket arm, and a 2930mAh battery, and an OLED digital screen. Being rugged, packed with features, and having a great range of color temperatures, Boling LED Video Light is one of the best iPhone filmmaking lighting you could get today. 

8. IVISII Desk Mount LED Video Light Kit

IVISII Desk Mount LED Video Light Kit, Bi-Color Panel Light for YouTube TikTok Game Live Stream...
  • 【Bi-Color Soft Light】The photography light with power 45W, high CRI/TLCI≥96, high Lumen...
  • 【2.4G Wireless Control】 Built-in 2.4GHz wireless system, it can adjust brightness, color...

Whether you’re live streaming on Twitch or filming a talk show in a studio for YouTube, this high-standard desk mount light by IVISII will not let you down. This light kit is best for long, continuous filming in one location. But don’t mistake it for being inconvenient for outdoor filming activities. These lights are very lightweight and adjustable to 180 degrees. They also come with a carrying bag as well. 

As for the light quality, it’s definitely more than enough for casual live streaming or vlogging. These lights have a color reproduction close to sunlight, so they are 100% reliable for illuminating dark or low-light shooting locations. With a wide color temperature range of 8000k to 3000k, you can adjust it easily to any temperature you like, in case the weather in your location suddenly changes. 

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9. GVM 2 Pack LED Video Lighting Kits

GVM 2 Pack LED Video Lighting Kits with APP Control, Bi-Color Variable 2300K~6800K with Digital...
  • Led video lighting kit with app control 2020 upgrade video lighting kit app control model whose...
  • Adjustable light board The video Lighting’s light is distributed and with an adjustable soft board...

Last but not least is this professional video lighting kit by GVM. These two lights each have 2300k-6800k brightness, which you can adjust from 10%–100%. For easy viewing of the parameters, you can check them on their digital display screen. This kit also comes with an adjustable soft board, AC adapter, U-shaped bracket, and diffusers. 

For its price, GVM’s light quality is exceptional. With this, you will make a huge difference in your output’s quality without exerting too much effort. It softens shadows and blends well with other light sources. So, you will likely spend less time balancing the light in your scene or your shot. With those outstanding features, it’s no wonder why this GVM LED video light kit made our list of the best iPhone filmmaking lighting products. 

Final thoughts

Whether you’re using an iPhone alone or using it together with a DSLR, you can expect a captivating result with any of these lighting products. Consequently, your viewers or clients will trust your expertise more. 

Which of these best iPhone filmmaking lighting products are you eyeing to buy? Let us know in the comments!

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What’s the best LED light for iPhone?

For taking professional video, we highly recommend the LUMIMUSE 8 or the Commlite CM-L50 LED Camera Video Light, 50 LED 5700-6000K Dimmable Mini Panel Light for Smartphones... if you’re tight on budget. As for taking photos, we suggest you take the 10'' Selfie Ring Light 67'' Tripod Stand - Lamicall LED Circle Halo Light with Cell Phone Holder for.... You can adjust each brightness type (natural, bright, and warm) up to 10 levels. 

What’s the best iPhone for videography?

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro, 64GB, Midnight Green - Unlocked (Renewed) and iPhone 11 Pro Max are the best models for videography. With an extra Ultra-Wide camera lens and telephoto lens, cinematographers and videographers will be more than satisfied with the field of view. As opposed to using GoPro cameras for action shots, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max won’t distort wide-angle shots, which is apparently common among other wide-angle lenses such as GoPro’s.  

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