The Best Mini Projectors for iPhone in 2024

The Best Mini Projectors for iPhone in 2024

best projector for iphone

Are you looking for the best mini projector for iPhone to buy now?

We have spent hours researching to help you find the best mini projector for iPhone that has all top features needed. After a long time of researching we have come up with many considerations that you should take into account while you are in the buying process. First of all we recommend that you should only consider projectors with smooth iPhone connectivity wether it is wireless connection with bluetooth connectivity for example or with a wired connection. Also take into account the resolution and brightness that meets your needs.

Our recommendations will be to have between 300 to 500 lumens of brightness and at least 480p resolution. Make sure to look for controls that are user-friendly and can be operated easily with one hand for example. These are few things that we thought you need to take into consideration that will help you find your next best projector for iPhone.  

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The Best Mini Projectors for iPhone

We have thoroughly examined numerous customer reviews of various mini projectors for iPhone and have determined that the TopVision Mini iPhone Projector is the top choice for projecting from an iPhone. If you want to learn more about this projector and our other top picks for the best projectors available today, keep reading.

#1: TopVision 5500LUX Outdoor Mini Projector for iPhone

mini projector for iPhone

Our #1 Pick

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Why We Like it: TopVision 5500LUX mini projector for iphone is built to last. If 50,000 hours of lamp life is impressive enough for you, then hold your breath. TopVision 5500Lux sports 80,000 hours of life, which technically means you can make the best of this projector for several years. 

Watching movies is more fun with the TopVision 5500Lux projector for iPhone. This projector can project images at Full HD resolution, ensuring you get the best viewing experience. It has an impressive 3000:1 contrast ratio, unlike other projectors of the same price that only have a 2000:1 contrast ratio. It supports 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution and has a high brightness of 5500LUX. This iPhone projector uses DLP technology to ensure you get the best quality when watching films. It is also equipped with an SRS built-in speaker, with 3W Hi-Fi speakers that provide superior audio quality. 

We’re not done yet. This mini projector offers several connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, AV, and Micro SD card. The keystone feature ensures you get the best angle when watching your favorite content. 

What Others Wrote:

One reviewer wrote: “The quality of projector is good in terms of display, brightness and contrast. It comes with a remote,HDMI and avi cable. Has multiple options for input such as HDMI, bluetooth. Does not heat up much. It can be projected directly onto a white wall, or use the projector screen- both works just fine. This is perfect for movie night where you want to watch in a bigger screen but do not want to invest in larger television.”

#2: AuKing Portable Mini Projector for iPhone

Best Projector for iPhone is one of the well know mini projectors out there that are portable and very well recommended that you should consider buying.


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If you are looking for a mini projector for iPhone with superior performance, consider the AuKing portable projector, named by many of its satisfied users as the best portable projector for iPhone.

Things We Like: This mini projector comes with a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and can play content at 1080p Full HD resolution. This is perfect for watching movies or projecting slideshows. 

When it comes to the brightness, AuKing devices project images 35% brighter. You will also enjoy the big-screen experience; the projection screen size is between 32 inches and 170 inches at a 1 to 5-meter distance. Superior built-in speaker that delivers clear and well-balanced sounds. It also comes with a generous amount of connectivity options, such as a USB port, VGA, HDMI, and more. 

What Others Wrote:

One reviewer wrote: “Overall, I highly recommend the AuKing Projector. It is a great value for the money and provides high-quality picture and sound, along with a wide range of compatibility options. If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable projector for your home theater setup, this is definitely a great choice.”

Another reviewer wrote: “Using this to watch video on my ceiling in bed at night instead of falling asleep propped up on 9 pillows and waking up with my neck crooked. Serves my needs VERY well. I’m sleeping MUCH better. Projecting approximately 6′ in a dimly lit room. Pretty bright, colorful, sharp, and surprisingly adjustable for color, tone, saturation, hue, key, focus, etc. Also the cooling fan is not too terribly loud for being 10″ from my head. The auto power off function is also a nice feature. The integrated speaker is a little chincy, but certainly serves the purpose if you’re looking for essential function at close range.”

  • – Cheap
  • – Long life LED bulb prevents having to purchase super expensive halogen bulbs
  • – Tiny and easy to carry
  • – Has a tripod 1/4″ thread on the bottom for easy mounting
  • – Has microSD, USB, VGA, HDMI, etc…
  • – USB will power a Chromecast, so you can just plug into USB and HDMI and have a streaming home cinema
  • – Remote works well
  • – Goes from power on to ready in well under 10 seconds flat
  • – Might need slightly darker room for best results

#3: CiBest LED 6500L LED Projector

best mini projector for iPhone


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Why We Like it: CiBest LED projector is yet another device that comes with impressive features. It is best used at home, school, and work. Outside, Cibest LED projector looks sleek and stylish. It is also compact in size, making it easy to carry around. This LED projector supports 1080p native resolution. It comes with a 2000:1 contrast ratio and cna display life-like picture quality, even if you use an iPhone or other devices with it. 

This mini iPhone projector works perfectly with PC, laptops, game consoles, TV stick, USB, DVD player, and Micro SD card. You may need an HDMI adapter to use it with Android devices. It can display your content from 30 to 120 inches, and can even go as large as 200 inches at a distance between 2.5 to 14 feet. Moreover, this projector has built-in speakers inside that provide clear and crisp sound.

What Others Wrote:

One reviewer wrote: “The led brightness is quite good, enough to keep the blinds open unless the sun is directly beaming in. The fan is much quieter than my last couple of this style and cost. Also important is that it is simple to clean out when the time comes, I pulled this one apart and it was easy to clean and put back together compared to others which means you can keep the picture quality and lifespan much longer.”

  • Good price
  • Not a bad size
  • Port accessibility on the side and for the back (vent also on side)
  • Clear advisement on function/capabilities
  • Seemingly stable and doesn’t weigh a ton
  • Remote is nice and (from what I’ve tested) fully functional!
  • Little loud (fan)
  • Leg prop grip is poor

#4: AAXA Technologies P300 Neo iPhone projector

best recommended mini Projector for iPhone that has 720p resolution


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AAXA Technologies P300 is one of the best mini projectors for iPhone for many reasons. This includes its excellent picture quality with a default 1280×800 HD resolution, an aspect ratio control of 16:10, a contrast ratio of 2000:1, and a 1080p max input.

Things We Like: This mini projector for iPhone also supports a lot of input options, including a micro SD reader, a USB port, HDMI, and mini VGA. It also comes with a 60+ minute lithium battery, which is really impressive.

AAXA Technologies P300 also comes with built-in speakers and features a keystone correction. This is very useful when you can’t directly mount the projector in front of the screen.

What Others Wrote:

One reviewer wrote: Great picture quality. We have used it for outdoor movies. Used it to project a background for my daughters band. I love it! It connected easily with the OFFICIAL (important) Apple HDMI adapter. Picture quality is awesome! The size is perfect for portability. Battery life is surprisingly good.

Another reviewer wrote: I was surprised how bright it was for such a small unit. I take it camping as well as using it for ad-hoc work meetings in rooms where a projector isn’t available.
The fan is pretty quiet, and any noise is easily drowned out by a Bluetooth speaker.
Playing a movie directly from my iphone is a fantastic improvement over my previous setup.
It suits my needs perfectly!

  • Many input options
  • High maximum input
  • High contrast ratio
  • Full HD 1080p quality
  • HDMI cable is required
  • Poor sound quality
  • Low lumens

#5: Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector for iPhone

we recommend this Best mini Projector for iPhone as it is portable and can be placed in a small bag


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Things We Like: The Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Mini iPhone Projector is one of the best portable projectors that is only as large as a soda can. It supports different input methods, including USB. HDMI, and wireless screen-casting. With this, you can use the projector across different devices.

Its 360-degree speaker gives you omnidirectional sound, while its aluminum body makes this device strong and durable. This device is so portable that it only weighs 15 oz. The Nebula Capsule Smart Mini iPhone Projector is more advanced than other mini projectors, as it can run streaming and media apps due to its Android 7.1 O/S. With it, you no longer have to worry about screencasting.

What Others Wrote:

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this Nebula Capsule for a trip to South America to visit family (to show home movies and pictures). It is about the same size as a can of coke, so it is small, but boy does it pack a punch. All of the other projectors I have used were shaped like smartphones, so I was a bit thrown off by the shape of the Nebula. But let me just tell you right now, this can shape is great! I really can’t say there is anything I did not like about this unit when it comes to the major features. It just ticked all the boxes. They got a lot of things right on this unit. Things is really liked, Great Speakers, Amazing Battery Life, Good Brightness, Color Accuracy, Can be Powered with an External Battery Pack

Another reviewer wrote: “I love this projector. I use it everywhere, but especially in my room/bed, projecting onto the wall or ceiling. The combination of the Android OS and HDMI input make it very functional. I connect a Chromecast to the HDMI input and I’m able to stream everything…sling, HBO now, etc. I wish there was a more fully fledged YouTube app, as you can’t log into your account, so no playlists, subscriptions, etc. Installing Kodi is straightforward and works well.”

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Omnidirectional sound
  • Runs for up to four hours
  • Wireless connection screen-casting
  • Can run stream and media apps like Netflix flawlessly
  • No lens protector
  • Limited Google Play apps

#6: Optoma ML750ST Projector for iPhone

Portable Projector for iPhone


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The Optoma ML750ST iPhone projector is something that you shouldn’t miss. What is good about this palm-sized iOS projector is its compatibility with iPhones and other devices.

Things We Like: This Compact projector is perfect for movie nights or business presentations, and even when gaming. This is because of its fast response time and low latency, which is at 17ms. It is equipped with 700 ANSI lumens, Rec709 color accuracy, auto keystone, and 20,000:1 contrast ratio. The throw distance of the Optoma ML750ST is between 1.4 – 11.3 feet, which is ideal for home entertainment. Lastly, it comes with an HDMI port and is compatible with MHL.

What Others Wrote:

One reviewer wrote:

“This is one of the only projectors in this market that you can project a large picture in a room with bright lights and still have really good quality and brightness. I projected a powerpoint in our conference room with the 20 plus lights we have and I could read even the smallest print well. I tested this next to a standard light projector that was 2,500 lumen in our conference room and this has a better picture and looked brighter! That’s the power of LED.

Overall this is in my opinion the best “pico” projector on the marker for its size, connections, and quality of display. You can’t fit it in your pocket but it comes pretty close to. I would not waste my time with the smaller below 300 lumens on the market, you just don’t get a bright enough picture. I would recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a small, LED projector that looks amazing.”

Another reviewer wrote: “I’m very pleased with this little LED projector. I’ve put on 50hrs of use so far. It surpassed my expectations. The picture is clear, even on a simple white wall. The 700 lumen is great for playing videos in the basement or in a dark or dim lit room, even at a 90 inch display. Kids love it for watching movies. Works with the Xbox 360 using an HDMI cable and external speakers. Works well with the laptop using the provided special VGA / audio cable and display port to HDMI cable I purchased separately. Videos, pictures, PDF and Word documents work well with my USB stick.”

  • Fast response time and low latency
  • MHL compatibility
  • High contrast ratio
  • Requires HDMI to lightning cable to use it with your iPhone
  • No wifi connection

#7: ViewSonic M1 Portable Mini Projector for iPhone

best Iphone projector

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Things We Like: ViewSonic iPhone projector is lightweight and has a compact size; you can easily carry it around and is perfect for any Apple devices. But don’t get fooled. While this mini projector may be small, it can display your content at high resolution. It supports WVGA (854 x 480p), with a native resolution of 640 x 480p (VGA). It features 120 LED lumens (50 ANSI lumens) and a 120,000:1 contrast ratio. This iPhone projector also offers several connectivity options, including an HDMI port, USB port, and Micro USB. You can easily connect your game consoles and other media players with this projector using an HDMI cable. It has a built-in JBL speaker that delivers well-balanced sound.

This iPhone projector comes with a rechargeable battery, meaning you don’t have to get stuck near a power source to enjoy using this mini projector. It has an impressive battery life that lasts about a couple of hours at full charge.

What Others Wrote:

One reviewer wrote: “This is a very good value for the price!
1, The built in Operating system and software with apps are MUCH better than other projectors have. SIMPLE, FAST, Easy to configure or add more apps.
2, JBL sound system is very clear and reasonably loud.
3, Connectivity is fantasting. Bluetooth connection is fast and has no delay with external BT speakers. Phone screen mirroring is easy. Both Android and IOS connects well compatible with many apps. Can use HDMI or USB connections too
4, Screen quality. This is very good considering this is a 480p screen, with manual focus (but at least it works flawlessly). Auto screen adjustment is incredibly good. Screen brightness is ok, not the most bright but for the size and price of this it is great. In dark rooms ir works well.
5, Portability: Excellent! Fits in my pocket, lightweight, no need for tripod with the built in stance.
6, Remote is easy to use, however it has an IR sensor (this is fine, again for the price) so you have to point to the unit direction.”

Another reviewer wrote:”With quarantine we’ve been watching a lot more TV and didn’t have one in the bedroom, since we’re short on space I found this projector as a solution to project shows on to a blank wall and WOW it has far exceeded my expectations. The sound quality is great, it’s small enough to fit on top of the headboard of my bed and it’s like I have my own home theater. I also bought a firestick since they’re pretty cheap and just keep it plugged in so I can easily watch Netflix, sling, hulu, etc. The only downside is I have to keep it plugged in and charging at all times, it says it can go an 1.5 hours on battery but when mine isn’t plugged in turns off after 30 minutes or so – not an issue for me since I’m using it indoors and can easily keep it charging, but could be a problem if you intent to use it outdoors.”

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Small and portable
  • Professional features
  • Fixed zoom feature
  • Poor set up instructions

#8: AKASO DLP mini portable Projector for iPhone


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Why We Like it: Its features makes it one of the best portable mini projector for iPhone in the market. From the outside, AKASO mini projector is already promising. It is compact, lightweight, and portable, perfect for people who are always on the go. You can conveniently carry this mini iPhone projector wherever you go. Also, it features multiple connectivities, including HDMI port, USB, AV, and micro SD card; connecting your game console and mobile device with this movie projector is fast and easy. 

Take note, AKASO mini projector has 50 ANSI lumens and supports 1080p Full HD resolution. It comes with a built-in speaker and remote control. This iPhone projector has a contrast ratio of 1000:1. 

What Others Wrote:

One reviewer wrote: “I have been LOVING using my new Akaso mini projector to cast images on cookies I’m decorating. The fact that it connects wirelessly to my phone so I can project images from my phone’s gallery is so nice, rather than requiring a wired connection. The charge doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to, but it recharges quickly once plugged in, and is still usable while charging, so that’s a small issue in exchange for all the benefits! While I haven’t used it to cast movies at a distance, I can see how clear the picture is when it cats on my wall during setup, and look forward to trying it as a movie projector. I would highly recommend it to someone looking for a compact projector solution!”

Another reviewer wrote: “The AKASO Mini Projector has been a great travel companion when attending conferences. The compact and sleek design have allowed me to eliminate the need to bring a peripheral monitor… instead, I just use a blank wall. Great product!”

  • Small, compact design. It is just about the same size as my iPhone.
  • Nice clear picture.
  • Fairly easy to navigate.
  • No extra adapters or cords needed
  • Battery life is short
  • The max speaker volume is low

What we based our recommendations on

As we researched the different types of best projectors for iPhone, we have focused most on the connectivity and portability above all. Mostly you are using your projector while connected to your iPhone so it is likely that you are looking for a projector that can be packed in backpack or put in your bag. An awarded bonus is given to a projector that can be put into your pocket.

With regards to connectivity we recommended the projectors that includes an easy way to connect your iPhone directly to the projector. So wireless projectors are among the most recommended projector for iPhone. Most iPhone projectors have a physical cable for connection. There are many other projectors that offer more connectivity options for other devices such as Blu-ray media players and gaming consoles and we ranked those higher in comparison to others.

Lastly we rated the best projector for iPhone based on their image quality, covering in different features like adjustability, brightness, and resolution. Most portable projectors, like the AuKing Mini projector, are incredibly adjustable by nature, but we rated projectors higher if they included additional adjustability features like manual focus dials and keystone correction.

iPhone Projector Buying Guide

An iPhone projector can be a valuable addition to your tech collection, allowing you to project images, videos, and presentations from your iPhone onto a larger screen. However, with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs.

To help you make an informed decision, here are some factors to consider when purchasing the best mini projector for iPhone:

  1. Compatibility: Make sure the projector you choose is compatible with your iPhone model. Some projectors may only work with certain iPhone models or operating systems.
  2. Resolution: Consider the resolution of the projector. A higher resolution will provide a clearer and sharper image.
  3. Brightness: The brightness of the projector is also a crucial factor to consider. If you plan to use the projector in a well-lit room or outdoors, you’ll need a projector with a higher brightness level.
  4. Portability: If you plan to use the projector on the go, consider its size and weight. A smaller and lighter projector will be more portable and easier to carry around.
  5. Connectivity: Look for a projector that offers multiple connectivity options, such as HDMI, USB, or wireless connectivity. This will allow you to connect to a wider range of devices and make the projector more versatile.
  6. Price: Finally, consider your budget. Projectors can vary greatly in price, so decide on a budget and look for a projector that offers the features you need within your budget.

By considering these factors, you can narrow down your options and choose the best mini projector for iPhone that matches your needs.

Projector For iPhone FAQs:

What should I look for when buying a best mini projector for iPhone?

The most important things to look for when buying a portable movie projector for your iPhone are the screen size, throw distance, amount of ambient light present in the room where you will use the projector. 

And of course, don’t forget about the price. 

What lumens do I need for a mini projector for iPhone?

If you are getting an iPhone projector for your home theater, you’ll need a minimum of 1500 lumens. For small to mid-sized rooms, an iPhone projector with a minimum of 2500 lumens is best. Lastly, for large auditoriums or lecture halls, you’ll need higher lumens.

Is there a projector that works with a iPhone?

Yes! Not so long ago, projectors only work with computers and laptops. Until recently, device manufactures started to create projectors that work perfectly with iPhones and other smart devices.

If you need our recommendation, we highly suggest the Anker Nebula Capsule. It’s a compact, lightweight projector that can display your images, movies, and favorite streaming media apps without any hassle. The omnidirectional display ensures everyone in the group has the best viewing experience.

How to connect iPhone to projector wirelessly?

The features of each projector vary depending on its make, model, features, and brand. However, most iPhone projectors have the same connection features.

Wireless projectors typically use Bluetooth or wifi connection to connect with your iPhone. Some require you to install their mobile apps to establish connection between your phone and the projector.

To connect your iPhone to your projector via Bluetooth, turn on your iPhone and projector’s Bluetooth simultaneously. On your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and then look for the projector’s Bluetooth connection.

Make sure to read your projector’s manual to see how you can connect your iPhone wirelessly. Take note, however, that some wifi projectors are not able to display movies and tv shows from media apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+ due to copyright issues. To fix this, you may need an external fire stick.

Is it better to buy a projector or TV?

Both projector and TV provide excellent viewing experience. Both have their pros and cons too. TVs are usually high definition (FHD), ensuring you get the best picture quality every time. However, they are typically bulky and fragile; which makes them not suitable to bring outdoors.

On the other hand, projectors (especially, a DLP projector) are compact, lightweight, and portable. You can use them practically everywhere—at school, work, indoors, or outdoors. They are also cheaper than traditional TVs, and they come with several features for ease of use. However, the image quality may not always be consistent, as it will always depend on your light source.