Top 12 professional iPhone filmmaking equipment

Top 12 professional iPhone filmmaking equipment

Some believe in using a few pieces of iPhone filmmaking gear. They say they don’t need a lot. While this is perfectly reasonable, we believe that some products will elevate your filmmaking experience and output. In this post, we listed the top 12 professional iPhone filmmaking equipment you should really buy today. 

Best professional iPhone filmmaking equipment

Don’t just choose tools because you want to create a wonderful output. Think about your experience and comfort in the shoot as well. How can you make your life easier as you explore filming locations, try different angles, and reshoot some scenes? You invest in the right tools—professional ones. No worries, we did the hard work for you. Take a look at these pieces of iPhone filmmaking equipment that range from LED light panels and rigs to anamorphic lenses. 

#1: Movo Huge Smartphone Video Kit V8 with Mini Tripod – iPhone filmmaking equipment

iPhone filmmaking equipment
Movo V8 Huge Vlogging Kit for iPhone with Tripod, Grip, Microphones, LED Lights, and Wireless Remote...
  • COMPLETE VIDEO BUNDLE: Smartphone compatible; perfect for Tik Tok, live-streaming, vlogging,...
  • SMARTPHONE RIG: Compatible with smartphones 2.2" to 3.6" wide including the iPhone X, iPhone 7 Plus,...

Movo is a brand that knows its market well, and it shows in this smartphone video bundle. If you are an aspiring content creator who wants to jump right ahead into producing a lot of material for your channel or feed, then this kit is for you. You will feel complete and always ready to unleash your creativity with its smartly picked components.

Why the praise for this iPhone filmmaking equipment? Well, let’s start with the sweetest fruits in the bunch. The Movo V8 comes with three microphones: a compact microphone, a bigger Omni-directional stereo microphone, and a lightweight shotgun mic. Together with the grip rig, mini tripod, and 30-LED video light, this kit will never let you feel limited in the field—whether you are recording a mini film, YouTube vlog, or Tik Tok video.  

#2: Viewflex Phone Video Kit VF-H7 Smartphone Video Rig – iPhone filmmaking equipment

iPhone filmmaking equipment
Smartphone Vlogging Kit Viewflex VF-H7 Recording Kit with Camera Video Microphone, LED Light,...
  • 【One-touch control】Detachable bluetooth one-touch remote control for video shooting, the special...
  • 【Filmmaker Grip】A pioneering structure for doubled stability. Professional smartphone video...

Viewflex is for the creator who has been testing the waters in creating content for quite some time but now wants to move up. We believe that its parts and design make it easier for that creator to cope with the transition. 

For one, this iPhone filmmaking equipment comes with a detachable, one-touch Bluetooth remote, which makes filming more accessible and on-the-go. A creator who wants to experiment with newer topics or material will find this beneficial. 

This kit is also incredibly flexible with its various assembly modes. You can remove and add accessories, depending on your activity’s demands. Plus, it’s universal, so you can use it with any smartphone of any size. So, Viewflex is one reliable friend to creators who want to level up.

#3: Switti Dimmable LED Video Light – iPhone filmmaking equipment

iPhone filmmaking equipment
LED Video Light, 2-Pack Dimmable Bi-Color Photography Lights, Studio Lighting Kit for YouTube Video...
  • 【Professional LED Panel Lighting】Power 45W, 600 pieces high-quality and super bright bi-color...
  • 【Premium Material / Unique Design】The light be made of excellent quality aluminum alloy showing...

Dimmable LED video lights will save energy and give you more flexibility in the set, especially if it’s located outdoors. Switti’s dimmable LED video light is no different, but its design and features make it stand out in the crowd. Whether you are recording a product review or doing test shots in a studio, this portable LED video light will be a reliable companion. 

This iPhone filmmaking equipment looks and feels expensive with its quality aluminum alloy build, but it’s still lightweight and easy to assemble. It also has two power supply modes (battery and power adapter), so you will never feel limited in your shoot, whether you are filming a scene in the studio or outside. Worried about balancing brightness? You won’t fall short with its bicolor diffuser and LCD Screen at the back, where you can easily check the brightness, color temperature, and power status of the light.


#4: Pixel 3 Packs Full Color Led Video Lighting Kit – iPhone filmmaking equipment

iPhone filmmaking equipment
RGB Led Photography Lighting, 3 Packs Full Color Led Video Lighting Kit, 552PCS LED Beads 45W/CRI...
  • 【RGB VIDEO LIGHTING KIT】 NOTE: It supports wireless control by Pixel LC8 remote(need buy it...
  • 【SUPPORT 9 SPECIAL SCENES MODE】 45W high power light provide 9 special lighting scenes to enrich...

Need a heavy-duty video light? You can have that thrice—and many other goodies—in this kit. This video lighting kit is for a production team that doesn’t want any ifs and buts from their equipment. Fortunately, this kit by Pixel has so much to offer, besides the number of its video lights.

Inside this kit, you will find well-built LED video lights with 552 pieces of SMD LED beads. These lights can supply you with a wide range of color temperature and brightness (0%–100%). Not only that, but you can have rich, full-color light for various situations because of its nine special scene modes. This iPhone filmmaking equipment is also complete with an LCD screen and two power source options. 

#5: GVM Key Light, 10.6 inches Round Led Panel Desk Mount Video Lighting

iPhone filmmaking equipment
GVM Desk Mount LED Video Light, 10'' Round Key Light with Built-in Diffuser and LCD Display,...
  • 【A Compact Desk Mount Key Light】With a solid metal C-clamp(fit thickness 2-4”),...
  • 【Excellent LED Studio Light】Control your gaming light from 0-100% brightness and 3200K-5600K...

If you’re a content creator who’s planning to build a mini studio at home, GVM’s key light should be on your list of to-buy equipment. This key light will also introduce you to the magic of lighting if you’re new to working with video light. 

This compact key light may have an elegant form, but it’s sturdy and can rotate up to 360 degrees. It comes with a built-in diffuser, a wide range of gaming light (0% to 100%), and up to 5600k of color temperature. This key light also has an easy-to-control knob at the back. Overall, you won’t feel intimidated by operating and adjusting this iPhone filmmaking equipment until you get the best lighting on the screen. In no time, you will learn how to balance the best studio lighting to look appealing in front of the camera. 

#6: Saramonic 2-Channel Lightning Mic XLR – iPhone filmmaking equipment

iPhone filmmaking equipment
Lightning Microphone Preamp Compatible with iPhone 11 X 8 7 6 Vlog, Saramonic 2-Channel Lightning...
  • The Saramonic SmartRig+ Di is a portable microphone/guitar interface for recording professional...
  • Perfect for capturing sound on the spot, the 2 independent audio input channels each fitted with a...

Don’t trust your iPhone’s mic enough? Samaronic’s 2-channel lighting mic XLR is ideal for you. You should especially get this iPhone filmmaking equipment if you’re recording music, teaching an online class, or hosting a lot of Facebook lives every month on your smartphone. 

This product comes with two XLR mic inputs, which you can connect to a microphone or any instrument. There’s also a lightning adapter that you can connect to your iPhone. As for adjusting the levels, you can easily do so using the two knobs. You can choose between Stereo and Mono. Using the latter will let you record audio from the two channels together while using the former will record each audio independently. All in all, Saramonic’s mic XLR will give you the flexibility you need in recording or editing audio. 


#7: AudioControl SA-4100i Omni-Directional Microphone – iPhone filmmaking equipment

iPhone filmmaking equipment
AudioControl SA-4100i Omni-directional Audio Test and Measurement Microphone for Apple / iOS Devices
  • Omnidirectional microphone works with your iOS device to test and measure your system's performance
  • Compatible with iOS devices 5.0 or later; Compatible models, including: iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, 5S ie...

Sound is crucial in film, especially in ones that heavily rely on the atmosphere. To make sure your audio is precise and has an impeccable resolution, we suggest you get this Audio Test and Measurement Microphone for Apple devices updated to iOS 5.0 or later. 

The lightweight SA-4100i device lets you test acoustics through the AudioControl Mobile Tools app, so you can easily make a visual inspection of your audio’s quality in real-time. The SA-4100i makes that possible by converting acoustical measurements into electrical signals. After that, it sends those signals to the AudioControl Mobile Tools app on your iPhone. This device will especially be beneficial if you have a sound engineer in your production team. 

#8: Hohem iSteady Multi, All-in-1 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer – iPhone filmmaking equipment

iPhone filmmaking equipment
All in 1 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Compact Camera Action Camera and Smartphone, Compatible with...
  • 🚀【All in 1 Gimble】 It easily fits action cameras GoPro Hero 8, almost all kinds of mobile...
  • 🚀【Real-tech Gear with 6 Working Modes】With these modes, Multi professional video stabilizers...

The Hohem iSteady Multi is a lightweight, universal stabilizer for smartphone cameras and action cameras like Sony. But make no mistake, this gimbal feels sturdy. You will also feel limitless in filming scenes from any angle with its six creative working modes. 

You can use Pan Following, Pan & Tilt Following, All Locked, All Following, & Inception Mode. There’s even a Sport Mode, which you can activate by double-tapping the trigger button. The mobile app also allows you to apply effects such as Timelapse, Motion Lapse, Hyperlapse, Slow Motion, and Long Exposure. Overall, the Hohem iSteady Multi is one professional iPhone filmmaking equipment you’d want on your to-buy list. 

#9: Torjim 60” Camera Tripod – iPhone filmmaking equipment

iPhone filmmaking equipment
Torjim 60” Camera Tripod with Carry Bag, Lightweight Travel Aluminum Professional Tripod Stand...
  • 【60" Adjustable Height】 The maximum height of the adjustable tripod is 60 inches. 4-section...
  • 【360° Rotation Function】 The convenient handle and built-in bubble level can realize the tripod...

Travel photographers will love Torjim’s camera tripod. It is one of the most reliable iPhone filmmaking equipment on this list. If you switch between an iPhone and a DSLR camera to film your content, this tripod suits you well. 

Torjim’s tripod has an extra phone holder and Bluetooth remote. It is easy to assemble, saving you time whether you’re filming randomly or by schedule. We can’t complain about the design either. You can also easily adjust the height from 17” to 60”, and remove the camera in seconds using the 1/4 “quick release plate. For a tripod with a sturdy build and rubber legs, it’s incredibly light to carry. 


#10: Moment Anamorphic Lens – iPhone filmmaking equipment

iPhone filmmaking equipment

Want to have videos or movies that look like J.J. Abrams helmed them? Well, you should grab this Moment Anamorphic Lens. It’s not an exaggeration when they said that this is a “holy grail” iPhone filmmaking equipment. This anamorphic lens allows you to add flares, black bars, and a wider screen, just like a bonafide 1960 Hollywood film.

Built with hand-polished glass and aerospace-grade metal, this lens looks elegant and feels light to carry. Similar to other Moment lenses, this anamorphic lens works well with the M-series cases and lens filter mount. You can attach this to your iPhone camera’s wide or tele lenses and start filming clips with 1.33x and a 2:40:1 aspect ratio—just like a bigshot Hollywood director.

#11: Pro Series – 1.33X Anamorphic Lens by Beastgrip for iPhone – iPhone filmmaking equipment

iPhone filmmaking equipment
Pro Series - 1.33X Anamorphic Lens by Beastgrip for iPhone, Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus and Other...
  • Compatible with all smartphones when used with BEASTGRIP PRO or BEASTCAGE smartphone camera rigs.
  • 1.33X Anamorphic provides with a horizontal optical squeeze to achieve 2.4:1 aspect ratio in video...

Do you film commercials, music videos, or travel vlogs that feature gorgeous landscapes? You’ll have a blast with Beastgrip 1.33X anamorphic lens. It’s another one of the so-called holy grail tools for iPhone filmmaking. It allows you to film wider angles with unparalleled crisp details and sharp resolutions. 

This cinematic lens lets you capture photos with a 16:9 aspect ratio and videos with a 2.4:1 aspect ratio. However, you can only achieve that effect using their app. Meanwhile, design and build-wise, this lens looks a tad slimmer than others. Despite that, you can’t say that it’s cheaply built because of its aluminum body equipped with multi-coated cylindrical glass elements. With this lens, your peers won’t guess or assume that you recorded a video using a humble smartphone.

#12: Moment Wide Lens – 18mm Attachment Lens for iPhone – iPhone filmmaking equipment

iPhone filmmaking equipment

This list wouldn’t be complete without this wide lens by Moment. Are you filming larger than life scenes such as savannas, wild animals, landscapes, or mansions? You will benefit from a tried-and-tested clip-on lens. That is why you shouldn’t miss out on this essential iPhone filmmaking equipment. 

This 18mm wide-angle lens works with single-camera and dual-camera iPhones. It’s ideal for iPhone videographers and photographers who want to widen their cameras’ field of view (FOV) and film razor-sharp quality clips. The design and material of this lens feel premium as well—it has an aspherical design made from cinema-quality glass for 4K films and aerospace-grade metal. You will also have more effects to play with if you use the Moment camera app.



It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie content creator or a filmmaker who uses an iPhone to film scenes for the first time. You will have a great experience in your craft using the tools we listed above. So, don’t let your art go to waste. Use the right tools and invest in giving justice to your creativity. 

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Which iPhone is best for filmmaking?

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