Best FPV Drones of 2021

Best FPV Drones of 2021

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Are you in the search for the best FPV drones? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. 

Regardless if you are a professional drone pilot or just a beginner looking for your first baby, we have put together the best FPV drones available this year. 

In the past few years, drones have significantly improved in different aspects. Such improvements include image stabilization, image quality, connectivity, and battery life. 

Before, jaw-dropping shots were only taken with professional equipment. Today, commercial drones can already give you a bird’s eye view of the almost impossible scenes. Even the smallest ones can shoot smooth and clear 4K photos and videos from above. 

First Person View (FPV) drones have made drones more in demand. This is because FPV racing has become one of the fastest-growing competitive sports today. Pilots are fighting over being on top of the pyramid and taking home prizes, which can go as high as tens of thousands of dollars.

What makes these FPV drones special is that they are powerful enough to fly as fast as 120 miles per hour. This includes flying over bars, through hoops, around trees, and any other object. 

FPV drone race tracks are set up to measure how skilled the pilots are. They can be extremely complex and will require drone pilots to perform acrobatic maneuvers before reaching the end. 

So, what FPV drones can do all of these and a whole lot more? Keep on reading to find out the best FPV drones this 2020. 

Best FPV Drones #1: Walkera F210 3D Edition Racing Drone

Walkera F210 3D Edition 2.4GHz Racing Drone with Devo7
  • F210 3D Edition Flip in 3D Aerobatic Mode
  • Optimized receiver RX Response 5ms 4 times faster in speed

Considered as one of the best and most popular FPV drones available today, the Walkera F210 3D is equipped with a modern industrial modular carbon fiber frame. This makes the drone very durable and crash-resistant. 

The Walkera F210 3D has an amazing flight control system, making it ultimately stable and precise when in use. It also has flips, rolls, and racecourse moves flight maneuver features. 

Furthermore, the Walkera F210 3D can lower the risk of collision since it can quickly stop to eliminate the drift caused by inertia. 

There’s also a detached on-screen display (OSD) unit, which allows you to watch the camera’s live FPV view. The OSD unit gives you an overview of where the drone is and other status updates with the likes of horizon line overlay, signal range alarm function, and battery level indicator.

The Walkera F210 3D can fly for around 9 minutes with its 1300 mAh 4S LiPo battery. Keep in mind that the flight time varies, depending on the drone’s speed and the flying style. 

In addition, it also has a frontal 700 TVL camera. This is a standard camera usually found in CCTV. This means that you can get clear images even in low light scenes. 

The thing is, the camera isn’t exactly good when recording videos. This is because it only produces 976 x 582 pixels of digital resolution, which is lower than the standard 720p video resolution. 

When it comes to controlling the drone, the Walkera F210 3D has a 7CH DEVO 7 remote controller. This is a classic remote controller, which is very easy to use and is suitable for different types of drones. 

The drone has a superb signal range of around 800 meters, giving you wider coverage. It also can go as fast as 90 kph and also has a beginner mode feature. The beginner mode offers an assistive high horizontal balance to make the drone more stable.

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Best FPV Drones #2: EMAX Buzz Freestyle 5

EMAX Buzz Freestyle 5" inch FRSKY Drone Quad Brushless Motors 2306 (1700KV) 5s-6s Edition
  • Diagonal wheelbase (without paddles): 245mm
  • Aircraft weight (without battery): 358g

Fast and furious—these two words exactly describe the EMAX Buzz Freestyle 5. This high-speed FPV drone comes with two prop sets. These are both optimized for speed and durability. 

It makes use of an advanced 3K woven carbon fiber frame, which gives the drone incomparable durability. This also makes it relatively lighter. 

The camera mount of the EMAX Buzz Freestyle 5 has aerospace-grade aluminum. This lessens any possible damage in case it crashes. This improved the frame, giving you the confidence to fly it. 

What makes this FPV drone standout is its newly designed Freestyle brushless motor system. This motor system results in an unequaled flying experience, alongside giving you a greater sense of control and stability. 

As mentioned above, the  EMAX Buzz Freestyle 5 has two props sets, namely the AVAN flow and the AVAN Scimitar. The AVAN flow gives you superior control by maximizing performance, speed, and efficiency. 

On the other hand, AVAN Scimitar gives you longer flight times. It also offers unrivaled persistence, making the drone more durable in case of an accident. 

The EMAX Buzz Freestyle 5 features a re-engineered all-in-one stock, known as the Magnum II. It features 32-bit speed controllers as well, which makes the drone even more stable and reliable. 

Moving on, this drone can remotely disable the VTX too while it is being serviced. 

Other features that this FPV drone offers include FrSky Receiver, HD Camera Strap, Pagoda right-hand antenna, and 6 x AVAN Flow and Scimitar Propellers. It even comes with extra parts, which you can use in case a part gets damaged. 

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Best FPV Drones #3: ARRIS X220 V2 220mm Racing Drone

ARRIS X220 V2 220mm RC Quadcopter FPV Racing Drone RTF
  • This is an assembled RTF version, with Q X7 radio set and high quality 4S lipo battery. Each drone...
  • The main feature of the ARRIS X220 is the "X" symmetrical design,light weight,simple...

The ARRIS X220 V2 220mm is an open design FPV drone, which means you can see everything inside of it. Although this isn’t something new, this feature is what makes this drone really interesting. 

ARRIS X220 V2 is made out of a carbon/glass fiber composite sheet frame. This makes the drone relatively durable. This also protects the drone from any serious damage in case it crashes. 

On top of the drone is a strap where you can place the battery. At the bottom of it are a few foamy parts, which functions as a protective layer when the drone is landing. 

The blades of the ARRIS X220 V2 are arranged differently. Unlike other drones, the ends of the blades are sticking out, improving their speed. They are very sharp as well, so make sure that you don’t touch the propeller while the motor is on. 

As for the camera, the ARRIS X220 V2 comes with a Runcam Swift 2 FPV camera, which is actually a good one. It is very lightweight at 14 grams only. The camera offers a 130-degree angle field of view, which gives you a wide perspective of what is around you. 

You also have the option to use the FPV goggles for better and clearer images. The camera angle is adjustable too, which gives you the flexibility to shoot at different angles. 

With a little bit of creativity, paired with your craftsman skills, you can change the camera into a higher quality as well. But of course, you have to ensure that you will be replacing it with a camera that fits the front of the drone.

Setting up the drone isn’t actually hard, as long as you carefully follow the instruction that comes with it. Keep in mind that you will have to install the battery and the chip for the receiver yourself. 

The drone has three flight modes, including GPS mode, Attitude Mode, and Manual Mode. It even has a cooling system, which prevents the drone from overheating. 

Finally, the drone’s Knul design assures that the prop installation is stable. 

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Best FPV Drones #4: Walkera Furious 215

The Walkera Furious 215 is a highly popular racing drone mainly because of its excellent features and specifications. To start off, the Walkera Furious 215 has a highly-capable F3 Flight Controller. 

This flight controller is responsible for essential flight data and processing, including signal transmission, motors, and sensors. The flight controller also gives the drone better flying capacity. 

On top of all, the F3 Flight Controller gives you the option to configure your drone at a code level. With it, you can also set the custom parameters exactly the way you want them. 

Furthermore, the Walkera Furious 215 also comes with 2500KV high-performance brushless motors. This is a more efficient motor as it minimizes friction, which lessens the generated heat, delivers better power, and a longer service lifespan. 

The Walkera Furious 215 also doesn’t use physical wires to bridge electrical connections. Instead, it makes use of an integrated Power Distribution Board, which keeps the drone clutter-free and streamlined. 

Moreover, its electronic speed controllers (ESCs) shortens the electrical connections while keeping the power and signal supply continuous. 

The drone also has an onboard active beeper, which diagnoses the drone and gives an alert in case there’s a problem. It also comes with an integrated on-screen display (OSD). This allows you to fine-tune the drone. 

As for the battery, the  Walkera Furious 215 comes with a 1300 mAh 4S LiPo battery, giving the drone a maximum of 9 minutes flight time. It also provides a higher voltage output compared to the standard 3S battery. 

With such a battery, this drone is capable of reaching incredibly fast speeds with ease. If you are not contented with the battery, you always have the option to purchase additional batteries. The drone can hold up to 13 cm batteries without degrading its performance. 

The Walkera Furious 215 comes with a 600 TVL HD camera, which can take approximately 768 x 494 pixels in digital. You can adjust the camera up to 50° of the angle to get the photo or video you want. 

Other features of the camera include a DEVO 7 remote and standard quadcopter design. 

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Best FPV Drones #5: VIFLY R130

Sporting some of the latest drone components, the VIFLY R130 is a beginner-friendly FPV drone, which weighs 250g only. It has a 3S 800mah or a 4S 650mah LiPo battery for longer flight times. 

The VIFLY R130 is built out of high-quality carbon and thick PCB board, which functions as the top plate, directing energy throughout the drone. 

On top of the PCB board is a 3-digit LED display, which shows different data and processes, including the chosen FPV band, battery voltage, output power, and channel. 

There are two buttons on the right side of the drone. You can use the first button to toggle between the FPV band and frequency settings, and the other one binds the RX to the TX.

In front of the drone are two white LED lights. The blue LED shows the status of the drone, while the red LED light is the power indicator. 

What makes this drone different from its competitors is that it comes with a mushroom antenna, providing it a better signal status. 

When it comes to the video transmitter, you can choose between 25mW, 200mW, and 500mW power levels. The camera even has a CMOS sensor, and you can adjust it to any angle, too. 

The  VIFLY R130 also has a Betaflight OSD, which shows necessary flight details. This also makes the Betaflight settings changeable. 

The drone makes use of 4000kv motors, which makes the drone sturdy and smooth. But what makes this drone really interesting is its 4in1 ESC. This part is not common and is only used in this quadcopter. 

Specifically, the 4in1 ESC, which keeps the drone cools when flying. In addition, the 4in1 ESC is not directly attached to the motors and PCB of the drone, which means that there is less strain in case the battery is removed. 

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Racing drones or FPV drones have become a thing of today. In fact, FPV drones have taken by leaps and bounds every year, as a professional sport and as a hobby, making them more popular than ever. 

Its popularity has flooded the market with a lot of emerging FPV drones, both from established and new manufacturers. This has also made drones relatively cheaper than before. 

With a lot of choices out there, getting the best one is a personal choice. At the end of the day, you should be getting what you really need, not what society dictates as the “best.” 

Related Questions

What does FPV mean?

FPV stands for First-Person View. FPV is also known as remote-person view, which is actually a method used to maneuver a radio-controlled device from the driver or pilot’s viewpoint. 

What is FPV drone racing?

An FPV drone racing is an emerging sport wherein participants race using a drone with a camera. Unlike other motorsports, FPV drone racing can be three-dimensional, which means that there can be obstacles that a pilot must successfully go through in order to win.

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